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Christmas trees all to eat

Of sandwiches, biscuits, cheese, fruit or puff pastry: the Christmas tree is assembled in the kitchen and eaten at the table!

You already have some ideas to make the menu original Christmas? We have thought of giving the shape of a Christmas tree to what we will serve on the table for a spectacular, fun and super effect on the theme of the holidays.

Tramezzini Christmas Tree

What could be nicer than sitting at the table and finding something to eat already ready?
We can open the party lunch with a nice toast to accompany with a sandwich served in a very particular and festive way, in the shape of a tree.
The funny thing about this appetizer is that it can be stuffed in so many ways and can be made up of three or more layers.
It is a kind of gourmet panettone, but made with toast bread and without cooking. Easier and faster than that!

Saplings, but not only

We propose saplings because you can compose them in layers recreating a three-dimensional tree, but you can also use them molds of different shapes such as simple round pastry rings of different diameters or squares.
The important thing is to always create a certain height and then several layers of bread and then decorate these sandwiches in an original way.

The recipe for trellis sandwiches


6 slices of bread without crust
sliced ​​to taste of earth or sea
classic and blue cheese spread
green and black and pesto olives paté
baby spinach

As you can see the ingredients are not weighed or even indicated with too much precision because the beauty of this recipe is that you can do it however you want.
First of all, cut the slices of bread into molds with star-shaped molds. You must have three molds of different sizes so as to give different volumes to the layers of the tree.
Cut two large, two medium and two small stars and create three small sandwiches stuffed as you prefer with spreadable cheese, paté and sliced ​​and a few spinach leaves because the green cannot be missing.
Then place the largest sandwich at the base, followed by the medium and finally the small.
You can also make more layers if you want taller trees.
Decorate the tip of the sapling with a cheese star and place the sandwiches on small bread plates in front of each diner.

The secret to a perfect cut

To get almost perfect star-shaped sandwiches we suggest you to stuff the slices of bread and then cut them out.
Other advice is from do not use too dry sliced ​​meats that may not support the cutting of the stencil.
For safety prepared mousse blending for example ham with cheese and ricotta with pesto.

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