Christmas Social Dinner – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Cesare Gasparri.

Keep free for another tasty appointment, do you want to share happy moments cooking and eating together? Of course you like it!

To end the day on Saturday 15 December, we could only organize a good dinner, designed to clarify the ideas on the Christmas menu. Do you already have in mind what to prepare? Whether you have already drafted a perfect menu or are still undecided, the invitation is for everyone. come to The school of La Cucina Italiana (via San Nicolao 7, Milan – Piazzale Cadorna area) from 7.30 pm to cook together with the editorial staff and our cook Cesare Gasparri a really rich menu, in collaboration with Emiliane Barilla.

Cesare Gasparri.
Cesare Gasparri.

We want to see you all in the kitchen to have fun preparing three dishes based on egg pasta, so good that you can not do unless you return them to your guests on Christmas day. For those who like to experiment the pasta recipe with artichokes and calamari is ideal, there will be an elegant timbale of roses and the always appreciated tagliatelle ragù and mushrooms. Remove the aprons at the table for the Christmas Social Dinner, we will eat in the kitchen dishes prepared in perfect social style and invite you to share the moments spent together with the hashtag of the evening: #BUONISSIMONATALE and #emilianebarilla.

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