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chocolate mousse with avocado

A pudding with an ingredient that is there but not seen and that makes this dessert lighter. Discover the recipe!

There chocolate and avocado mousse it's one of those desserts that you can give yourself without too much guilt.
It is as tasty as a traditional chocolate mousse, but it is practically fat-free, if not Omega 3 good and friends of the heart, and contains few sugars.

The chocolate and avocado mousse recipe


1 soft avocado
100 g of dark chocolate 80%
50 g of fine brown sugar
coconut milk to taste
bitter cocoa to taste

To decorate: fresh raspberries and whipped cream


Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave.
Cut the avocado in half, remove the central seed and remove the peel.
Blend the chocolate with the avocado pulp and sugar, then add a little coconut milk to make the mousse more velvety.
To complete, add a teaspoon of bitter cocoa, but only if you want a particularly intense aftertaste.
After having whisked everything, place the mousse in two bowls and decorate with some fresh raspberry and whipped cream.

Variant without chocolate

You can also prepare a sweet avocado mousse without chocolate.
whisk the pulp with brown sugar, coconut milk, zest and juice of half a lemon and some ice cubes.
You will get a cream very similar to one smoothie, super nutritious, fresh and tasty, perfect for a summer snack.

Vegan variant

This dessert is already in effect a sweet vegan because does not contain ingredients of animal origin, but we used the cream to decorate it.
You can replace it with coconut cream. How you do it? Just leave a can of thick coconut milk in the refrigerator for a night.
Once it is cold it is assembled with electric whips and becomes soft like cream.

The choice of ingredients

In the list of ingredients in the recipe we wrote that the avocado should be soft, but we did not specify that it should not be too soft.
In order to achieve this very simple recipe in reality it is really necessary carefully choose all the ingredients and for this we relied on For the Great i who has extremely cherished the quality of its products.
And since the eye wants its part, don't forget to present your dishes with elegance and a touch of originality.
Just a little colorful tray like that of Cà to make even the simplest recipe special.

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