Carthusian Recipe from Bologna – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Carthusian Recipe from Bologna - Italian Cuisine

  • 500 g honey
  • 350 g flour
  • 250 g quince jam
  • 200 g almonds with peel
  • 100 g mixed chopped candied fruit (lemon, cherry, cedar, orange, melon)
  • 80 g dark chocolate
  • 75 g Dry Marsala
  • 50 g shelled pine nuts
  • 50 g cocoa
  • 12 g baking powder for cakes
  • assorted dried fruit
  • whole candied fruit
  • whole candied fruit
  • cinnamon powder
  • butter

For the recipe of the Certosino di Bologna, slightly heat 300 g of honey with the chopped candied fruit. Collect in a bowl the flour, baking powder, a spoonful of cinnamon, cocoa, chocolate and chopped almonds, pine nuts, quince jam and Marsala; then add the honey with the candied fruit and mix well. Grease and flour a donut-shaped mold (larger diameter 25 cm, smaller diameter 8 cm) and fill it with the mixture; let it rest for 2 hours. Decorate the cake with slices of candied fruit and bake at 180 ° C for about 50 minutes.
Remove from the oven, let it cool and complete the decoration with walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pine nuts. Heat 200 g of honey and strain it on the Carthusian to polish it.

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