Carnival desserts, recipes from all over Italy – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Carnival desserts, recipes from all over Italy - Italian Cuisine

From the castagnole to the fritole, from the mile to the black pudding, in the carnival period there is no shortage of regional specialties: here is a roundup of recipes from all over the country

TO Carnival every joke counts and even the rules of healthy and balanced nutrition go (it is appropriate to say it) to be fried. In addition to the parades of wagons on the street, you need to prepare for the roundup of sweets on the tables. And if you do Chatter they are the symbol of this goliardic feast, the legacy of a pagan celebration of ancient Rome, just look a little further than your mask to discover a world of tasty and special Carnival sweets. The recipes are those regional and, from north to south, the choice is really wide.

Carnival sweets, fried foods win …

Among the fried Carnival desserts, the are very popular damselfish. Originating in Emilia, they spread throughout Italy, although often with different names. In Lombardy, for example, they call them tortelli and in Veneto beans, but the main ingredients are always the same: flour, eggs, sugar, butter and a spoonful of aniseed liqueur. The balls obtained from the dough are fried in boiling oil and garnished with a generous sprinkling of icing sugar. There are those who serve them alone, those who prefer to drown them in chocolate, those who want them filled with custard or accompanied by whipped cream. Very similar to castagnole, they are le Venetian fritole, While in Umbria, Marche is Abruzzo, you do the cicerchiata, a crown composed of fried puff pastry balls that remind a little of Campania strufoli.

… but the leavened products do not give up

Carnival sweets are a little less common but still up to the situation leavened. Among these, two baked goods stand out Tuscan: the Florentine Schiata, a white cake, soft and covered with icing sugar and the Berlingozzo, a sort of donut that prepares for Fat Thursday. In Trentino they eat the krafpen (there is a baked and a fried version), while in Campania there is the Migliaccio, a very soft semolina-based dessert, which is the poor relative of the noblest sfogliatella.

The Carnival cream you don't expect

One of the most particular Carnival sweets is definitely the black pudding, a chocolate cream dark, which was once made with pig blood. Today it is prepared with 500 milliliters of whole milk, 200 grams of sugar, 80 of bitter cocoa powder, 120 of dark chocolate, 50 of corn starch, 30 of butter and 50 of cedar or candied raisins. In a saucepan, mix the sugar, flour, cocoa, cornstarch and add the milk, drizzling, mixing everything with a whisk. Once the composed is homogeneous, you have to transfer it to a pot and add the pieces of dark chocolate, the butter and i candied fruit, then thicken it, cooking over low heat. Once you get one compact and shiny cream, you have to pour the black pudding in an ovenproof dish, cover it with plastic wrap and let it cool to room temperature. The cream is perfect to accompany small talk, chestnuts and all the other Carnival desserts.

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