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Definitely in the world of products food time flows differently than that of us humans: the bearded Captain Findus she is the same age as the chubby blond child of sweets Kinder. But also of lactose-free products Zymil and of the popular Big Mac. All these brands, in fact, are sons of the 1968. And so they turn 50 roundish years round. In this medium century have accompanied the life and meals of millions of consumers, in Italy and in world. Adapting to the passage of the times, without ever getting old. How will they ever have done?

167385 Captain Findus: a Santa Claus in blue
For him time does not pass, or rather, turns to contrary: at the beginning, when he appeared at the British TV, in 1967, was a pacioso grandfather with the White beard and the mischievous look. Then, in these 50 years, spot after spot, is gradually rejuvenated, becoming first a handsome and charming big young man and then a reassuring one sea ​​dog shaving salt and pepper. What is not changed it's his adventurous world, made of do you travel on board a sailing ship with the hold full of unmistakable fish sticks Findus; the same ones they buy today 10 million of Italian families. A product invented in the middle of the years 50, in two versions: those based on herring immediately discarded and those of codthat, instead, so good and so practical, they were immediately a success. In Italy they arrived in the 1967 and were produced (then as today) in the factory of Cisterna di Latina, from which they come out every year 355 million of Findus fish sticks. To make them known to the Italian it was the reassuring face of Captain Findus (which, incidentally, in England is called Captain Bird Eyes, while in Germany and northern Europe it is Captain Iglo). In half a century of sea travel has become not only the guarantor of the genuineness and the quality of these products, but also the mentor for i "Captains of Tomorrow", the one who helps the children a to grow up and to know the stories of the sea, thanks to educational kits distributed in over 300 schools and arrived last year to 22,000 children throughout Italy.

167415 Zymil: from pharmacies to the home refrigerator
It was the first milk without lactose sold in Italy. At the time of the launch by Parmalat, in 1968, it was distributed only in the pharmacies, packaged in "pharmaceutical" cans, on which it was called a milk sterilized long-life "easier digestion and absorption ". It will take 12 years because Zymil also arrives in stores and supermarkets: a step necessary to respond to the growing demand for milk lactose. With the new millennium come the bottles colored and pop that we are used to. Surely the pack more suitable and more practical for packaging the delatosato milk microfiltered fresh, the product with which Zymil enters the refrigerator of Italian homes. From there on it's all one to flourish of new products, which also allow those who want remove lactose of to cook and eat well, without giving up dairy product. Thus, Zymil becomes a product line "Lactose free", with dozens of products: from cream the yogurt to the Greek, from the ice cream with organic milk mozzarella cheese. A path of innovation that has allowed Zymil to keep up with the evolution of needs food Italians and continue to enter their shopping cart. Did you know that the 1 liter bottle of milk Zymil it is the second best-selling reference in the big one distribution Italian?

167412 Kinder: German in the name, Italian in the heart
22 new products in 50 years: to scroll the timeline of Kinder we immediately realize how much creativity has put Michele Ferrero in this brand, born in the "boiling" 1968 with the aim of agreeing parents and children. Such as? Aiming on effective slogans "+ Milk – cocoa", reproduced on all single-portion packs (one Announcements absolute for the time) and accompanied by a white cast of milk on orange background. A formula lapidary and incisive, which on the one hand bonus the greediness of the little ones and on the other reassures the big ones on the value nutritional of bars and eggs, snacks and snacks fresh. The debut took place with Kinder Chocolate, which can be considered the "father" of all products arrived in decades subsequent, aimed at children before, and ad teenagers and young adults then: from the Kinder Cereals (1976) to the Kinder Pingui (which in 1992 invented the snacks fresh) to get to the last born, Kinder Cards (2017), with which Ferrero has landed in the world of cookies stuffed. Result: today Kinder is one of the brand names most widespread Italians in the world. It is present in 125 countries and is produced in 18 establishments in crazy volumes. The barrette of Chocolate Kinder produced in 4 days to cover the 9.289 kilometers of the Trans-Siberian. Among all the products-brand of the rangeprobably the most iconic remains Kinder Surprise (born in 1974), the little egg that made happy ranks of children. And not just for the chocolate milk but also for the surprises, always different and innovative: did you know that more than 100 are proposed per year?

167418Big Mac: a pop icon for half a century
In its 50 years of life it has become like this popular and widespread to even be used as index statistical from the economists: in fact the price of the Big Mac it is considered an important data to evaluate the cost of life in the past 100 countries where this super is sold sandwich. Which is due to the inventiveness of a Italian-American. It was, in fact, Jim Delligatti, which ran a fast food in Pennsylvania, to have had in the 1967 the intuition of double up the hamburger McDonald's, creating a recipe infallible in its formula as well as a perfect example of "Food design": two slices of meat enclosed in a bread covered with sesame and stuffed with onions, pickled gherkins, slices of cheese, lettuce and a special sauce. Seven centimeters of pure taste. A novelty immediately liked, so much to be insert a year later in all McDonald's of the United States for the price of 45 cents of dollar. Soon the Big Mac has become the most famous of McDonald's sandwiches, marking not just the history of the company, but also that of the consumption food of our planet. And in this capacity his inventor, ten years ago, he dedicated one to him museum in Pennsylvania. Today the Big Mac it is widespread on all continents. In Italy has arrived in the 1986, together with the first restaurant McDonald's, that of Piazza di Spagna, a Rome. Today it counts 20 million of consumers and became a sandwich "Glocal". There recipe that remains American, but i ingredients I'm locals. For example, in Italy meat is supplied by Inalca and it comes all from farms national.

Manuela Soressi
December 2018


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