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Canovo is coming, the Easter egg for dogs

It does not contain cocoa, but only the fat extracted from cocoa beans: it is a safe complementary food for four-legged friends

Who wouldn't want to share the joy of the Easter egg with their dog? The problem is that, for our four-legged friends, chocolate is really harmful: it contains a natural alkaloid, theobromine, also present in tea leaves, which is toxic. The body of dogs, in fact, is unable to metabolize this molecule which impacts the animal's central nervous system, causing violent disturbances and in severe cases even death.

The solution

But there is a solution: it is to make an Easter egg that does not contain chocolate. He thought about it Doggyebag, the first artisan pastry for dogs in Italy, specialized in desserts suitable for four-legged friends. It is located in Bagnolo Mella, in the province of Brescia, and for some years, at Christmas, it has offered Canettone and Candoro, similar to traditional Christmas sweets but absolutely suitable for dogs.

To celebrate Easter 2020, Doggyebag launches a big news on the market, the Canovo, prepared with milk and derivatives, vegetable fats, sugars, puffed rice (16%), carob flour, soy lecithin and natural vanilla flavor. It is made with the artisanal method, in full respect of the dog's health. Its exclusive recipe replaces cocoa with healthy, tasty and correctly balanced ingredients.

To formulate his new recipe, Doggyebag collaborated with Professor Giacomo Biagi, Professor of Dog and Cat Nutrition. «Canovo does not contain cocoa, but only the fat extracted from cocoa beans and consequently it is a safe complementary food, which in no way poses a threat to the health of the dog ". For Easter, Doggyebag also offers the Canombella, made with soft wheat flour, eggs, vegetable margarine, butter, fructose, milk, yeast, and a dozen biscuits of different shapes and colors, from Canpanelle to Pon Pon Roger, from Din Don Dan to Pic Nic.

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