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Easter egg is dove are the two symbols of Easter. For us, these are traditional sweets that make the celebrations more delicious. In reality their symbolic origin is ancient and it is curious to go and discover it.

Egg, symbol of life

The egg has always been associated with the concept of life. Already in pre-Christian and pagan rites it was the icon of rebirth. For the Egyptians the mystery of the 4 founding elements of the universe (air, water, earth and fire) was kept in the egg, also for Persians, Greeks and Romans it is compared to the spring and at birth.
For the early Christians it represents the resurrection of Jesus: behind the appearance of death – the egg could in fact resemble a stone – actually guards life. For this reason they made a red mark on the eggs and exchanged them right in Paqua. In the Middle Ages, the custom of gifting decorated eggs to servants spread.

Only later does the egg become a refined gift: between the sovereigns and the high European aristocracy the tradition of exchanging richly decorated eggs began already in the eighteenth century and the first chocolate eggs peeped out. And in 1883 the famous Fabergé golden egg was commissioned by the Tsar of Russia. The chocolate egg as a gift for everyone is thanks to Casa Sartorio, the Turin-based company that first patented the machine that could shape chocolate eggs.

Easter egg just a click away

In order not to miss anything from our readers, this year we have found a series of high-level producers who sell their specialties online. So that, too those who cannot or do not want to leave the house, can buy or give gourmet products to celebrate Easter. In spite of everything.

It has 4 varieties of eggs with a refined taste: Bigusto, Toscano Black 70, Latte & Nocciole and Toscano Red. Made from the finest cocoa beans and combined with dried fruit or refined red fruits. Colomba Amedei is signed by Maestro Roberto Rinaldini, pastry chef of the Accademia dei Pasticceri Italiani.

182369Marquises 1824
Their products dedicated to Easter this year take inspiration from spring skies, hot air balloons on the horizon and tender chicks. The eggs have customizable surprises and are embellished with high-relief decorations. The collection includes decorated eggs, dark, milk or white chocolate eggs.

From Novi Ligure Fabio and Paola Bergaglio follow the chain step by step, in order to ensure a precious and unique chocolate, loved and shipped all over the world, which every year transform into always new and avant-garde ideas and products. This year Bodrato's creativity proposes the Abstraction egg, stained on the entire surface by the colors, red, blue, yellow, green, pink mix together creating a dreamlike optical effect.

The Caffarel collections are many. Among the novelties: the new Uovo Decò line, with the two recipes, one with chocolate combined with raspberry nuggets, the other with milk chocolate covered with caramelised hazelnut grains. The Excellence of Italy eggs are created with fine whole fruits from three Italian regions and recognized worldwide for their excellence: Piedmont IGP hazelnuts, Puglia almonds and Sicilian pistachios.

182372Guido Gobino
With its gianduiotti and its artisan chocolate, it is considered today the king of Turin chocolate and beyond. The choice for Easter is wide among traditional dark chocolate eggs, eggs, pralines, minnows, pasquines, special blends and granulated eggs.

182379Martesana Pastry (only in Milan)
The chocolate egg Martesana are available in many variations: in addition to the classic flavors of milk, white and dark chocolate eggs, there are also decorated and unpublished fruity eggs.
Chocolate eggs only arrive home Milan and in the Hinterland through Cosa Porto or by booking on the phone: 0266986634.

by Barbara Roncarolo
March 2020
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