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Dove and Easter egg are the two symbols of Easter. For us, these are traditional sweets that make the celebrations more delicious. In reality their symbolic origin is ancient and it is curious to go and discover it.

Dove, symbol of peace

Also there dove has a strong symbolic value. Pure, white and innocent, it carries messages of peace and salvation with an olive tree in its beak. In the Bible it is often the very personification of the Holy Spirit.

Legend has it that the doves for i Lombard are associated with danger escaped twice after 500 years: the first when Alboino spared Pavia in 572, precisely because the city welcomed him by giving him sweet breads in the shape of a dove and the second when three doves landed on the insignia of the League of Municipalities, protecting the Lombards and leading them to victory against Barbarossa in the battle of Legnano in 1176. To celebrate the glorious moment bread and sweets and a dove shape were baked.

But it is only in the early 1900s, in the 1930s, that the dove as we know it today was born. The Milanese Motta, already esteemed and well-known panettone maker, he had the astute intuition of converting the Christmas cake into an Easter cake. In order not to stop production, he slightly modified the dough and packed it differently.

Et voilà here the first doves peep out, since then many tasty variations have been baked and the artisan dove has become an inevitable dessert on Easter tables.

Dove just a click away

In order not to miss anything from our readers, this year we have found a series of high-level producers who sell their specialties online. So that, too those who cannot or do not want to leave the house, can buy or give gourmet products to celebrate Easter. In spite of everything.

182360Da Vittorio, the restaurant
Who loves this excellent restaurant and refined place, can taste (or give) even its Easter delicacies. The dove is a masterpiece, to be consumed strictly fresh, because as they underline "The life of our leavened products is about 45 days, since being artisan products they do not contain preservatives"
Gift shop

182361Sal De Riso
The delicacies of Salvatore De Riso come from the Amalfi coast. The master uses exclusively noble local ingredients, IGP Amalfi Coast lemon, Giffoni hazelnuts, annurche apples, white figs, the best chocolate on the market, outcrop butter from Belgium … As for Easter, the news they are the Tiramisu Dove and the Rising Sun Dove.
And this year, by purchasing online at least 2 kg of Easter doves, € 10.00 is donated to support three Campania hospital structures involved in managing the Covid-19 emergency: the Cotugno Hospital in Naples, the Ruggi d'Aragona in Salerno and the Amalfi Coast hospital.

In addition to the classic colomba recipe, this year there are the delicious variations: dark and white chocolate, soft brownies, peaches, amaretti and salted caramel. As tradition dictates, 72 hours of patient workmanship give Colombe Vergani an inimitable taste and fragrance.

The limited edition 2020 is the Gran Galup Classica dove dedicated to the Carabinieri. The dough is the traditional one invented by Pietro Ferrua in 1922 with mother yeast, selected ingredients; to cover, the traditional glaze with IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, whole toasted almonds and granulated sugar. Packaging is an author's box with vintage lines.

Soft and tasty, that of Loison doves is a "timeless" taste linked to tradition. For the dough of the dove Dario Loison, always looking for new flavors that match well with tradition, he uses selected ingredients, including 2 Slow Food Presidia: Madagascar Mananara Vanilla, Ciaculli Late Mandarin, Piedmont IGP Hazelnuts, wildflower honey certified Italian, Roman chamomile flowers, Sorrento IGP lemons …

182365Carli brothers
The historic oil company of Imperia, for Easter 2020 offers, next to its classic version of the cake with a very soft dough with extra virgin olive oil and mother yeast, also the Easter cake with dark chocolate.

182366Martesana pastry
To make one dove Martesana, at least 48 hours of work are required, from making the dough to leavening, from cooking to the rest phase, as well as an almost obsessive selection and processing of the raw materials. For Easter another great classic is the pastiera Alfonso.
His dove is distributed throughout Italy. MartesanaShop
Pastiera Alfonso (and chocolate eggs) only arrive home Milan and in the Hinterland through Cosa Porto or by booking on the phone: 0266986634.

Their doves are made with sourdough obtained from natural yeast kept alive and refreshed since 1972, when the Filippi Pastry was born, and selected raw materials. If the dove is a gift, you can attach a greeting message to friends or relatives.

by Barbara Roncarolo
March 2020

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