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Buffalo ricotta, an ally against the heat

Contains many whey proteins, which are among the main ingredients of supplements for the recovery of energy balance and for the restoration of mineral salts

Among African anticyclones and sultry stars this year too, summer is a red stamp: the heat makes us feel tired and weak. And the cool brought by the storms of these last few days will not last. So? The best thing is to try to recover the energy even by doing attention to what we bring to the table. There are always valid rules: abstaining from alcohol and sugary drinks in favor of water; do not overdo the portions, but eat little and often; favor fruit and vegetables.

Buffalo ricotta

But what we may not know (or even imagine) is that, among the anti-heat foods, a privileged role belongs to the buffalo ricotta, better if bell Dop. As Professor Germano Mucchetti, professor of dairy technologies at the University of Parma, explains, «the buffalo ricotta from Campania with a protected designation of origin is a food of high digestibility, rich in calcium and phosphorus, with a high content of whey protein of milk in their natural state ".

The whey milk proteins are among the main ingredients of supplements food presented in the form of energy bars or colloidal dispersions or gels, which are used both by athletes and by the rest of the population for the recovery of energy balance and for the restoration of mineral salts that are lost during normal activities of daily life.

Ricotta is also suitable for children and the elderly and, as stated by the president of the Consorzio di Tutela, Benito La Vecchia, «represents a food that expresses, above all in the summer season, a fair balance between nutritional intake and pleasure of taste . How to eat it this hot summer? Ricotta is natural but also good accompanied with fruit Seasonal. It can be spread on croutons or, as is done with mozzarella, combine with cherry tomatoes or other vegetables.

In the warmer season we must also pay close attention to the correct preparation and storage of food, because high temperatures favor the food contamination and increase the risk of gastroenteritis and food poisoning, especially in children. For this, as recommended by the Ministry of Health, it is necessary to strictly respect the expiry date of the product and to avoid leaving perishable foods, including buffalo ricotta, at room temperature, but store them always in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

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