Bruschetta with herb pesto and octopus – Italian Cuisine

With tomatoes but also with fish: bruschetta is always a dish that everyone likes

Who can say not to love the bruschetta? In this season then I am the dish that is prepared in a short time, with very fresh and tasty ingredients. Every food goes well, from vegetables to aromatic herbs reduced to pesto with dried fruit. Because in addition to the Genoese pesto with basil, similar sauces can be prepared with all types of aromatic herbs in leaf, adding oil, dried fruit and grated cheese to give flavor and creaminess. Using the mortar, the herbs are crushed maintaining their bright color and extracting the aromas without altering them. The result is a raw and compact sauce. You can also use the blender: in this case more air is incorporated and the pesto can be heated, taking on a darker color and slightly changing flavor. The result will still be a valid sauce, more creamy and homogeneous.

Bruschetta with herb pesto and octopus.
Bruschetta with herb pesto and octopus.

We propose a version of bruschetta with octopus, enriched with a pesto made of almonds and herbs. First clean the octopus, removing the eyes and the beak. Dip it in a saucepan full of cold water with a small piece of lemon. Bring to the boil and cook for about 40 minutes. Turn off and let the octopus cool in its water. Prepare the pesto as indicated in the tutorial and then season with salt. Cut the bread into slices and toast it in the pan. Drain the octopus and cut it into small pieces. Season the bread slices with the pesto and a piece of octopus. Decorate with leaves of aromatic herbs to taste and serve.

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