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Broccoli in oil recipe

We discover this unusual preserve, to be enjoyed all winter and, why not, even in summer. Delicious on croutons or as a condiment for spaghetti

The preserves are in oil Italian classic. Handed down for generations and with a special taste due to the raw material: excellent vegetables and excellent Italian extra virgin olive oil. In every corner of the Peninsula, something is preserved for the winter under the golden color of the good Italian oil. Dried tomatoes, aubergines, mushrooms. But many do not know that even i broccoli they can be kept in oil.

First rule of broccoli in oil: freshness

It would be nice to taste the broccoli inside our sandwich during a nice summer picnic. To do this all that remains is to put them in oil. A unusual preserves, that of broccoli; but as good as a few. The first rule is to buy a fresh product, perhaps from a trusted farmer. Be guided by the green colour I live. The second: do not leave the broccoli for days in the refrigerator before making the preserve. Go and buy broccoli when you are really ready to work. Get yourself some glass jars and quality extra virgin olive oil.

Quick boiling

Take the broccoli and remove the leaves. Keep the tops and some tender leaves. Boil a pot with half water, half vinegar and a spoonful of salt. When it reaches the boil, add the broccoli letting them boil for two minutes, then drain. Let it cool for a few hours. Place the broccoli in glass jars alternating with garlic is chili pepper covering with extra virgin olive oil. For 1 kg of broccoli half a liter of white vinegar will be needed, two cloves of garlic, chilli to taste. At this point it will be enough to hermetically seal the jars e sterilize in boiling water for about 40 minutes. Keep in a cool, dry place and preferably in the dark. You will find really delicious broccoli on a crouton of bread in the spring, like green touch for one summer spaghetti cold or as a treat for yours appetizer On the terrace.

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