Breakthrough for Spazio Roma – Italian Cuisine

Breakthrough for Spazio Roma

Niko Romito's project starts again in the capital becoming Bar and kitchen and focusing on the coffee shop, Italian-style comfort food, cocktails, bombs and the now famous fried chicken

Just over a month of closure and already the concern of the Roman foodies was snaking. What will become of it Space Rome? And here comes the answer, with a reopening after a brief restyling which gives a sigh of relief to enthusiasts and professionals: Spazio Roma continues its adventure, starting again from the Piazza Verdi venue and turning into "Bar and kitchen". In practice, what has happened is that Niko Romito has chosen to renounce the dichotomy that saw his Roman space joined by a corridor, but divided in substance into two rooms, the gourmet address of the restaurant and the space bread and coffee.

New opening

With the reopening of October 9, 2019, the Roman address officially becomes one and bino, Bar and kitchen, with an offer that starts from breakfast at 7 am and ends after dinner. In the middle there is a snack, lunch, five o'clock tea, an aperitif, dinner: all in a space that broadens its horizons and rewards the success of the Bar, which only a few months ago was awarded by the Gambero Rosso Bar guide with the three grains and the three cups, as well as with the Illy Bar award of the year.

Entrance, therefore, only in Piazza Verdi, in practice it will not be possible to leave aside a passage for the counter, where the wonderful loaves will continue to show off, to be bought to take home or to eat on the spot. Then theand bombs, in its sweet and savory versions, the now famous fried chicken, traditional Italian dishes such as boiled meatballs and creamed cod, soups and salads, cured meats and cheeses discovered by Niko Romito in his earth, in Abruzzo. And also the cocktails of the mixologist Mauro Cipollone and a wine list of 250 labels.

A single space, therefore, which, depending on the time of day, transforms from a bar into an Italian bar and a kitchen with a domestic kitchen, from a tea room to an aperitif. All in the hands of a woman, Gaia Giordano, who becomes the executive chef of the entire Spazio project, turning her adventure together with the patron Niko Romito. The basic philosophy remains, as well as one of the objectives for which Niko Romito has begun to disseminate his spaces for Italy and the world: the format is a direct spin-off of the Niko Romito Academy, the tristellato training school, as well as the place where, as Niko Romito says, "the ideas sprouted to the Real are developed, bringing them into new contexts and giving life to new experiences".

Last mention of the restyling, made by the architect Stefano Rosini, who was asked to make the environment less formal, above all what was once the restaurant. He did it by fishing in modern furniture markets and grandmother's dishes and cups, so as to make everything closer to a living room, to give those who enter a feeling of familiarity, then continue with food, inspired by their own to Italian comfort food.

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