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Breakfast at the bar costs us more. We had noticed it a little, but now the results of the latest survey confirm it Altroconsumo which involved 1400 consumers. Well, from this it emerges that coffee at the counter costs on average 6% more than two years ago, cappuccino 7% and that croissants (or brioches, if you prefer to call them “Milan-style”) – whether empty or filled – are the ones that have suffered the greatest price increases, given that they cost 13% more than in 2022 (a year, moreover, of particularly significant increases).

How much does breakfast at the bar cost: price increases

In fact, Altroconsumo’s latest breakfast survey dates back to two years ago, when still coffee at the bar cost just 1.17 euros on average, cappuccino 1.64 euros and croissants 1.39 euros. Now everything has increased and, even if as always the bars in the North are the most expensive compared to those in the South and islands, the increase is generalized.

Italians’ favorite breakfast

But we are not discouraged: aEven if we occasionally treat ourselves to breakfast at the bar. The Altroconsumo survey, which aims to generally analyze the preferences of us Italians regarding the first meal of the day, says in fact that we generally consume it at home (69% declare that they always have breakfast at home and only 1% declare that they never (or rarely) have it at home) while the bar, on the other hand, is more often reserved for weekends or holidays (28% of those interviewed say they eat breakfast there once a week). In short, it is a special moment. Taking an average, in fact, breakfast at home is consumed more than six days a week while at the bar once every two weeks.

What Italians eat for breakfast

However, perhaps we dedicate little time to breakfast: whether it is at the bar or at home, it never lasts more than 20 minutes. However, between sweet and savory we have no doubts: 81% of those interviewed prefer it sweet, especially those under 35. Only 3% instead choose a savory breakfast, while 16% alternate. In general biscuits and croissant are in first place. The former are obviously a must at home, consumed often or always (51%), perhaps alternating with jams or sweet spreads (28% of those interviewed) with rusks (26%) and, followed by cereals or muesli. At the bar, then, on the podium there is the classic brioche often or always consumed by 68% of those interviewed, followed at a distance by other types of pastries or pastries (18%) or cakes (10%).

What Italians drink for breakfast

It certainly isn’t missing coffee, a must for more than 7 out of 10 Italians. Whether it’s the mocha, the pod, the capsule or the espresso, 72% of those who have breakfast at home always drink it and 68% of those who have breakfast at the bar, where cappuccino, preferred by 47%, also clearly stands out. % of respondents. In addition to coffee, it is curious that the most consumed drink is in second place water (always or often consumed by 50% of consumers who participated in the Altroconsumo survey) , followed by milk, yogurt and tea for those having breakfast at home. At the bar, however, after the milk, there are juices, freshly squeezed juices or smoothies. In short, the bar is not always a sin of gluttony: if you want, you can always choose without being tempted.

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