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The bread and egg boats are a more original version of the classic sandwich with the omelette protagonist of our picnics. Here are two recipes to prepare them

The sandwich with omelette is a classic of picnic, but today we want to offer it in a more elegant and original version.
Bread + egg yes, but shaped boats.

Sandwich bread magic

This recipe is very easy to make and very scenic because the crispy boats made with slices of White bread become i egg containers.
To make sure that these shells don't break, but stay in good shape, it is important first of all remove the crust and then roll them out with a rolling pin.
They cook in the oven inside muffin molds directly together with the eggs.
If you don't want to use sandwich bread, loaf is also fine, but it must be very soft and always without the crust.

Whole eggs or omelette

You can fill the sandwich bread shell withwhole egg, simply opened and put inside without breaking the yolk or with one omelette. The first version is more suitable for an aperitif, the second if you have to carry the boats for a picnic.
The whole egg safely enters a muffin mold, while for the omelette consider about 6 eggs to fill 12 molds. You can enrich it with herbs or even with vegetables like zucchini and tomatoes, or leave it plain with parsley, parmesan and a little milk.


Tasty boats

In addition to sandwich bread and eggs, as we have said, you can add vegetables, herbs, and spices, but also cheeses and cold cuts.
An idea could be one slice of speck on bread before inserting the egg, or you can chop some cooked ham or mortadella and add them to the omelette.
Stress what applies to cheeses. A slice of thin slices to be added almost at the end of cooking on the egg will make everything greedy.

The recipe for bread boats with eggs

Remove the crust from 12 slices of sandwich bread. Do not throw it away, but chop it and use it to make breadcrumbs.
Roll out the bread with a rolling pin and then lay each slice in a muffin mold or a 12 muffin mold.
Grease the mold with oil or butter so as not to stick the bread and to brown it when cooking.
Fill each stencil with a whole egg, add a pinch of salt and bake at 180 ° for 15 minutes.

Small boats version with omelette for picnics

Prepare the bread as explained above and separately an omelette with 6 eggs.
Enrich it with two spoons of parmesan, a cup of milk, salt and parsley and then distribute it in the muffin mold over the slices of bread. It will swell a little so do not put too much in cooking, especially if you enrich it with other ingredients.

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