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Bombay Sapphire: art and gin in the Canvas Bar

A neon sign strictly in blue that read Stir Creativity. Stir it means to shake and the stirrer is one of the tools of the bartender, creativity it goes without saying that creativity, which gives principle to art, as an old saying would say. Stir creativity is the guiding philosophy Bombay Sapphire in his search for beauty, which is expressed through initiatives such as the Canvas Bar, the temporary that has just passed through Rome, October 9th and 10th, in the spaces of Palazzo Velli, in Trastevere. As stated by Francesca Ratti, brand manager of the label, "Bombay Sapphire is a sort of contemporary patron and Stir Creativity is a philosophy that recalls the importance of following one's own creative instinct".

For the occasion, Bombay Sapphire gave life to what he called a "fluid collective exhibition" of more or less known artists, which passed through different expressions of creativity. Fulcrum of the initiative, the installation Stir Perspectives by the duo of artists Carnovsky, made with the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) technique: an alternation of landscapes that varied according to the lights. On the walls, in fact, a special wallpaper changed according to the light that struck it, passing from a rural setting to a sailing race, to then arrive in the dreamlike suggestions of an Indian landscape, complete with an elephant, to celebrate its origins of Bombay Sapphire and the exotic botanicals that this London Dry contains.

From one room to the other, however, the guests themselves were asked to exercise their creativity in different sectors, deciding for example the combination best suited to their tastes to mix their drink Stir the Fizz, a "modular" twist on the Gin Fizz designed by the ambassador brand Bombay, Marco Gheza. And, again, you could have fun mixing botanicals and then sprinkling them on your own gin and tonic, enriching the already large Bombay Sapphire bouquet.

The ingredients of this modular twist

The base is 5cl of Bombay Sapphire gin, 3 cl of citrus juice, 2cl of syrup, top of soda. The game is the possibility to choose between three different types of citrus fruits (lemon, pink grapefruit and bergamot), three types of syrup (classic, ginger or hibiscus) and as many types of soda (classic, bergamot or cedar). And a wide selection of garnish, or trimmings to close the drink, from citrus peel to mint, from maraschino cherry to rosemary, thyme and sage, from chili to lemongrass. To prepare, pour the gin, citrus juice and syrup into the shaker, mix lightly with a bar spoon, fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously. The mixture is then poured into the baloon glass previously cooled and filled with ice, using a double strainer (the strainers that use the bartenders). Complete the drink with the selected soda and garnish.

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