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Blue flags, Italy has 385 excellent beaches

Liguria leads the ranking with three new entry locations, followed by Tuscany, Campania and Marche. The number of awards assigned to the lakes is also increasing: there are 17 in all

Italy, a land of good food, but also of excellent beaches and high-level tourist resorts: this is confirmed by the Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education), which each year assigns Blue Flags to the beaches that meet the quality criteria related to bathing waters and the services offered, taking into account the cleanliness and tourist landing. Worldwide, as many as 10% of the beaches who have obtained recognition, based on 32 sustainability criteria, are part of our peninsula.

The region the most virtuous is Liguria, with 30 locations and three new entries. Tuscany follows, with 19, then Campania, which remains with 18 flags. The Marche drops to 15: they lose two awards even if they win a new entry. Followed by Sardinia (14), Puglia (13), Calabria (11), Abruzzo (10), Lazio (9), Veneto (8), Emilia-Romagna and Sicily (7), Basilicata (5), Friuli Venezia Giulia (2 ) and Molise (1). In total, the new entries are 12, while four locations have lost the title. The therefore excellent beaches become 385 (last year were 368) and tourist landing places 72 (two more than in 2018). Also increases the number of flags assigned to lakes: they are seventeen in all. Leading the ranking is always Trentino Alto Adige, with ten locations; followed by Piedmont, with three, and Lombardy, with one. And Abruzzo marks a new entry.

This year's new entries!

In 2019 the new Municipalities are Villalago (Abruzzo, L'Aquila, Lake Scanno); Pisticci (Basilicata, Matera); San Nicola Arcella (Calabria, Cosenza); Villapiana (Calabria, Cosenza); Anzio (Lazio, Rome); Imperia (Liguria, Imperia); Riva Ligure (Liguria, Imperia); Sanremo (Liguria, Imperia); Gabicce (Marche, Pesaro Urbino); Maruggio (Puglia, Taranto); Sant’Antioco (Sardinia, Carbonia-Iglesias); Pozzallo (Sicily, Ragusa). Instead the four Municipalities that did not reconfirm the 2018 Blue Flag are Porto San Giorgio (Marche, Fermo); Porto Sant’Elpidio (Marche, Fermo); Rodi Garganico (Puglia, Foggia) and Melendugno (Puglia, Lecce).

Among the landings, the new entries are Goimperia (Liguria, Imperia); Marina di Loano (Liguria, Savona); Rodi Garganico Tourist Port (Puglia, Foggia); Yachting Santa Margherita Procida (Campania, Naples); Marina del Nettuno (Sicily, Messina) and Venice Certosa Marina (Veneto, Venice). The tourist port of Carlo Riva (Liguria, Imperia) has lost the recognition; Cala Cravieu (Liguria, Savona); Vecchia Darsena Savona (Liguria, Savona) and Cala Gavetta (Sardinia, Sassari).

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