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Eat poisonous insects for a crazy game: Chinese blogger loses his life in live streaming

Deadly challenge on social media: a Chinese blogger named Sun, 35, had launched a crazy game on his channel Douyu, a kind of YouTube authorized by the Chinese government. The test of courage consisted in turning a wheel, choosing lots of different types insects and eat them. All in live streaming, a widespread practice in China, where many vloggers have become millionaires thanks to such often dangerous challenges.

It was the July 18 broadcast that cost Sun life: after turning the wheel, Sun ate geckos alive, earthworms and finally a centipedewhile drinking in the meantime vinegar, beer is baijiu, a typical Chinese liqueur. Shortly after, the young blogger fell to the ground. Streaming is gone live for several hours, framing an empty chair, until the lifeless body was found by his girlfriend, unaware of the absurd game.

The video, available online for a few days, was finally eliminated following police investigations. The cause of death is not yet certain, but it seems that it was the centipede that it was poisonous.

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