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Blaring! - The Italian kitchen

Vanity Fair comes out on newsstands on July 1st with a special issue entirely dedicated to music and organizes for the occasion its first big digital event with some of the most important musical artists protagonists of the issue

Vanity Fair, on newsstands from 1 July, dedicates the new issue to the world of music and its protagonists and chooses to support them concretely by donating 50% of sales revenues to the COVID19 fund – We support the Music of Music Innovation Hub, with the support of Spotify and promoted by FIMI – Federation of Italian Music Industry, alongside the Italian music supply chain with the aim of supporting musicians and professionals in the sector in this moment of global crisis.

The issue is a tale of the world of musical entertainment, from the artists to all the operators involved in the creation and realization of live music.

Their stories fill the pages of the newspaper: Enrico Belli, sound engineer for 20 years, always around the world, has stopped since the covid emergency and is trying to reinvent himself; Fenia, is a single mother who goes around Italy for the middle of the year, every now and then she also carries her daughter who is independent and mature because since she was a child she is used to her long absences; Giulio and Gioia, he is the production manager, she is the tour manager, they follow the Italian artists and live 10 months out of 12 outside the home; Lollo, assistant to the dressing rooms for 30 years, transforms the changing rooms of the stadiums into 5-star suites, takes care of the singers until the end of the concert, a fundamental figure behind the scenes, he dedicates himself to creating a house where he is not home; Mimmo Paladino, the artist who designed the logo dedicated to the music present on the whole issue, talks about his relationships with the great musicians from Lucio Dalla to De Gregori, from Lou Reed to Brian Eno.

These voices are joined by those of the great Italian artists: Fiorella Mannoia who talks to Stevan Martinovic, his stage engineer for 20 years; Eros Ramazzotti with Fabio Carmassi, his stage manager; interviews a Francis De Gregori, Antonello Venditti, Emma Marrone, J-Ax; the texts written by Alessandra Amoroso, Brunori SAS, Diodato, Levante, Max Pezzali, Nek.

With #atuttovolume Vanity Fair, in this moment of difficulty, becomes more than ever a vehicle of emotions, messages of unity and energy for rebirth, celebrating the project with a special music performance.

Alessandra Amoroso, Biagio Antonacci, Brunori SAS, Diodato, Elisa, Tiziano Ferro, J-Ax, Achille Lauro, Levante, Mahmood, Fiorella Mannoia, Emma Marrone, Gianna Nannini, Nek, Tommaso Paradiso, Max Pezzali is sugar they gave musical performances for the first big digital Vanity Fair event to be held on July 6 from 19.30 to 21.30.

At a time when the vast majority of live concerts have been postponed for a year, Vanity Fair brings attention back to the world of music with special performances. It is the first step, the trailer, of “From Verona Let's turn on the Music”, a series of great events that will be held in Verona on 2, 5, and 6 September.

The digital event of 6 July, organized on the occasion of the arrival of summer, will allow the whole community to attend the musical performance of these great Italian artists totally free of charge. Two hours of pure music available on To participate, simply register on the dedicated platform

The event, created in collaboration with Friends & Partners, Live Nation Italy is I live Concerts it is made possible thanks to the support of some partners who, like Vanity Fair, believe in the value of music:

Audi binds once again to Vanity Fair events as an automotive partner. The house of the four rings over time has consolidated an ever stronger link with the world of music by promoting some of the major Italian festivals.

With the partnership with Vanity Fair, Vodafone Italia confirms its support for initiatives related to the world of music: music and connectivity to bring people together and be together, even from a distance.

Xiaomi, who with the Mi 10 family has brought three new champions of the 5G era to Italy, supports Full Volume Vanity Fair to promote and disseminate the concept of "pop technology" that guides the brand's philosophy: innovation for all.

To believe in the value of music also Zalando, the leading European online platform for fashion and lifestyle unique in inspiration, innovation and interaction.

Official hashtag: #atuttovolume

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