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The starry cuisine of Ugo Alciati and Claudio Vicina surround you with the greenery of the Or-To: informal and gourmet, convivial and safe, traditional and contemporary. This summer at Eataly Lingotto.

Summer calls for aperitifs and outdoor dinners, even more this year, where you can enjoy the breeze of the season and the laughter of friends. In Turin is Eataly Lingotto which in their outdoor area expands the offer with the informal – but always starry – versions of its restaurants La Taverna del Re and Casa Vicina.

Ugo Alciati and the unmissable plin of the mother

La Taverna del Re is the Turin bistro of Guidoristorante, 1 Michelin star in Serralunga d’Alba under the guidance of Ugo Alciati and bring a piece of Langhe to the city with a menu that is a journey through the Piedmont territory. This summer some dishes can also be enjoyed in the outdoor area on the square in front of Eataly Lingotto.
"We wanted to further emphasize the quality that Eataly has always guaranteed, proposing the great classics of our table, which our parents Lidia and Guido masterfully prepared, every day in an open, informal and convivial environment." explains chef Ugo Alciati. So go ahead with the classic Piedmontese appetizer but revisited in a gourmet key, the pepper stuffed with tuna and Salina capers and ai agnolotti del Plin masterfully prepared from the pasta factory Plin, according to the recipe of Lidia Alciati, the mother of Ugo and Piero defined by the Los Angeles Times as the "Agnolotti Queen". And then a must: the boneless rabbit with black summer truffle. Another summer novelty is the aperitif, to be enjoyed in the greenery of the Urban Garden of Nizza Millefonti: the selection of wines by Piero Alciati, the famous bottled cocktails of the Mazzetti Cafeteria in Asti and in Turin summer becomes a holiday.

The bistro of Casa Vicina

Casa Vicina is the 1 Michelin star restaurant curated by chef Claudio Vicina which for summer 2020 opens its informal version, a bistrot that tells the Canavese tradition with a touch of modernity: from the classics rabbit tuna burnie and gardener, Piedmontese appetizer, carpionata and Russian salad, ai gourmet sandwiches, and then the cuttings of fresh egg pasta, the anti-waste dish par excellence of the traditional cuisine offered here in a gourmet version with meat sauce or Genoese pesto. Unmissable desserts, by Anna Vicina and her daughter Silvia – fifth generation in the kitchen! -: gianduiotto, semifreddo nougat, cheesecake and peach compote with Brachetto. To be enjoyed on the ground floor of Eataly or outdoors. «We are very pleased to have the opportunity thanks to Eataly to bring our Bistrot, with traditional family dishes, to the ground floor inside the Market Restaurant and also to insert the Gastronomic Sandwiches, which have always been the pride of the our informal, in the offer of the summer terrace , comments chef Claudio Vicina.

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