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Among secrets, lies, double lives and gastronomic tics. Let's discover the delusions at the table of our beloved Monterey Five, now in the second season of "Big Little Lies"

TO Monterey, a town of 30 thousand inhabitants in the heart of the California, time drags on slowly until dusk, when the supermamme of the community, those who struggle every day not to appear less than the others, can pass cleansing milk on their faces and put aside the mask of perfection they wear continuously: since they accompany their children to school and when they strive to prepare muffins for very refined brunches. There are five of them, each with their own personality and obsessions: Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), who carries with her the reputation of the arrogant with a strong personality; Celeste (Nicole Kidman), diaphanous and correct with everyone; Jane (Shailene Woodley), the only one to raise a child alone; Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz), who tries to carry on a healthy regime to live better with nature; and Renata (Laura Dern), the richest, the only one to feel judged for being a career woman. They are the protagonists of Big Little Lies (Little Big Lies), the HBO series based on the eponymous novel by Liane Moriarty, now in its second season which has just begun on Sky Atlantic. The spearhead of this new cycle of episodes is the stainless Meryl Streep, at her first participation in a TV series and already sure to take home the best actress nominations for Emmys and Golden Globes.

Big Little Lies 2 (Little Big Lies); from Facebook.
Big Little Lies 2 (Little Big Lies); from Facebook.

Yet, despite his arrival, the Monterey Five, which guard the secret of the murder of Perry, Celeste's husband, continue their lives as if nothing had happened, caring, above all, to provide for the family's food needs. When they meet, they order a coffee with a view of the bay, relax with a glass of red wine and devote themselves to tasty chats, which make time go by faster. In the intimacy of the home, on the other hand, I am careful that everything goes right. If Bonnie carries on an absolutely green idea, based on vegetable flans and centrifuges, low-fat yogurt and herbal teas with herbs, Madeline yields to sins of gluttony without feeling too guilty. Among pancakes, chocolate cookies, brownies and pretzels, it seems to support that theorem of Monica Vitti who says that life is too short to give up the pleasures of the table. Celeste, on the other hand, is decidedly more balanced, oppressed by the idea of ​​always satisfying someone else, whether it's her late husband Perry or her mother-in-law Mary Louise. Prepare muesli, ginger bread and pay attention to the energies of its twins, who try to refresh it in the morning with eggs and toasted bacon. Jane is more botched, then, with the little Ziggy, she gets by as good as she can. They often order pizza, they rarely give steamed eggs and, for special occasions, opt for a tasty lemon pancake. Lastly, those who almost never have time to cook in the kitchen are Renata, who tries to keep up with her Annabella by developing a refined diet that is often taken away, such as sushi and stuffed quiches, cheese crackers and spaghetti bolognese.

In short, five different ways of being women, but with a single matrix in common: doing your best so that the gears do not jam and everything runs smoothly. At least until dusk, when the cleansing milk that sweeps away the mask …

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