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Back to the Pizza Romana Day with 6 flavors 100% Lazio not to be missed

After the success of the first edition, back to the 12 September the Pizza Romana Day, the event that unites dozens of Capitoline pizzerias with the cry of "Roman family". And this year we do not stop at the low round and scrocchiarella traditionally laid on the rolling pin (even if we apply an exception on this very criticized habit), because to exalt the pizza product "Made in Rome" we chose to involve the masters too of the shovel and the pan, in short, of the Roman-style focaccia. Organized by Agrodolce, in collaboration with Regione Lazio and Arsial, the Pizza Romana Day takes place in two phases: on the one hand there is the reflection on the evolution of the Roman pizza; on the other the widespread event, which starts from the morning and involves dozens of pizzerias, Roman and otherwise, which will compete with the traditional format and this year also with a 100% Lazio pizza, whose topping will enhance the products of region.

The characteristics of the Roman pizza

Rolling pin or not, the Roman round can not be separated from a series of canons, which on the occasion of the Pizza Romana Day were put on paper in a Manifesto. A disc of about 30 centimeters, with an almost absent cornice because the seasoning is distributed to the edge, a relatively low cooking temperature (between 340 and 380 degrees) and not the classic minute of Neapolitan cooking, but a slower brusch, ranging from two and a half minutes to three. Whether it is on the shovel or in a pan, then there is the Roman-style focaccia, which people like Gabriele Bonci have ennobled and made famous throughout Italy. Be it white or red, it is the breakfast of the Romans, which over time has been enhanced more and more with increasingly imaginative and rich toppings.

The essentials

In the poster of the Roman pizza, one of the key points is that there are pizzas that can never be missing from the menu. Apart from the classic Margherita, in Rome the are essential Capricciosa, the Naples with anchovies, the pizza with mushrooms (strictly champignon), the Pumpkin flowers and anchovies and almost always there is also the Roman Calzone, which in the filling has fior di latte, ham and egg yolk. As for the pan or shovel pizza, you could add the white pizza (maybe eaten with freshly sliced ​​mash), the Red only with tomato and oregano, the pizza with potatoes, with or without mozzarella and the "crostino" with mozzarella and ham.

Pizza 100% Lazio

The most important novelty of the 2019 edition is the "Pizza 100% Lazio", that is to say that for the occasion all the pizza makers had to try their hand at a special creation, made with products coming only from the Lazio region. We asked some of the most well-known pizza chefs who take part in the event for a preview, starting with Luca Pezzetta, pizza maker from the Osteria di Birra del Borgo hosting the presentation of the event. Its 100% Lazio is based on ricotta from the Lazio sheep, marinated Maremma carpaccio from the Viterbo region, Tolfa summer truffle, confit figs and Barberini oil. The inevitable pairing is with the Lisa of the craft brewery Birra del Borgo, which will also be drunk in all the other pizzerias participating in the initiative. The master of Roman pizza Giancarlo Casa, patron of La Gatta Mangiona, has instead thought of a 100% Lazio with first salt, bacon and September figs. One of the supporters of the Roman pizza renaissance, Mirko Rizzo, has a different proposal for each of its creatures: din Pommidoro a pan of onions marinated with boiled Picchiapo ’; from 180g there will be a round with Vito Bernabei roast pork, Amaseno buffalo braid, sautéed chicory and roasted September figs gel. The enfant prodige of pizza Pier Daniele Seu, from Seu Pizza Illuminati, proposes a Carbonara with Lazio truffle (Pecorino romano cheek of amatrice and Tolfa Lazio truffles). It's still from Sbanco will be guest Sami El Sabawy, which like 100% Lazio has thought of one focaccia with buffalo ricotta di Amaseno, torpedo tomato del Pontino, crispy bacon cheek, Roman pecorino dop and fresh parsley.

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