At the Mèni 2019 in Rimini, the Circus 8 ½ of the flavors returns with Massimo Bottura and 24 great chefs – Italian Cuisine

On June 22nd and 23rd the kermesse dedicated to the most colorful food and taste ever returns, including showcooking, starred dishes at street food prices and a market of local products, the spotlight of the Fellini circus is lit up along the Rimini sea and it is immediately magic to eat with the heart and hands!

Thus was born, from an idea by Massimo Bottura who had imagined a colorful circus tent, a tribute to the great director Federico Fellini to whom is dedicated the homonymous square on the Rimini seafront, as a setting for a celebration of the kitchen and Emilia Romagna products in a cheerful and popular climate typical of street parties. The idea, brilliant and original to the right point, was liked and the Municipality of Rimini transformed it into a festive event that has been repeated for six years now, thanks to the contribution of the Chef to Chef Association Emilia Romagna Cuochi and Slow Food Emilia Romagna.

And so, under the skilful and careful direction of chef Bottura, he returns to Rimini on 22 and June 23 Al Mèni (in the Romagna dialect "the hands") the feast of taste and flavors where the culinary tradition of the Emilia Romagna region and international cuisine come together in a magical show thanks to the participation of 24 chefs, 12 from Emilia-Romagna and 12 from all over the world.

The "Mèni '2019 Program and everything you can't miss

Under the colorful circus tent for two days, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June, they will go on stage
show cooking, workshops and tastings in which great chefs and star chefs will transform the great products of the good land of the Via Emilia in with their hands and hearts unique dishes at prices from street food. The list of the big names present, you can find out on the site of the event, it is quite long and prestigious: from Davide di Fabio to Marco Cavallucci, from Simone Tondo to Giovanni Passerini, passing by foreigners Tom Anglesea and Tim Butler, just to name a few.

But the show also continues all around the tent with the benches of the Agricultural Products Market, an extraordinary showcase of the main gastronomic products of Emilia Romagna. Here you can find (and taste) the inevitable Parmigiano Reggiano, theTraditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, the Culatello di Zibello, i cold cuts of Romagna blackberry, together with Piacentini salami, to producers of honey and to those of fruit, vegetables and biscuits. Not tasting is a sin, keep in mind!

But it is not over yet, because around the Circus 8 and ½ you will come across, for the joy of your throat, in special points gourmet street food and even in the star ice cream. In the "Gelateria dei sogni" (a name, a program, ed) right next to the circus tent, you can taste the traditional tastes of the best ice cream parlors of Romagna and the special tastes signed by the chefs of Al Mèni. Impossible to resist!

Not only food, but also local craftsmanship in "Al Mèni" 2019

Not only food is made this two days in Rimini and among street food, gastronomic products and starred showcooking, Piazzale Fellini will also be invaded by
artisans and creatives. It's the Special Matryoshka, the traveling craft store, an open-air salon dedicated to uniqueness and handmade: from illustrations to ceramics, from furnishings to clothing, from accessories to notebooks, from hats to sculptures, all done rigorously with hands and heart.

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Saturday night beach party and Sunday starred picnic

And finally, two unmissable moments, if you want to really enjoy the magic of this event. The first appointment is for
Saturday 22 June, from 11 pm onwards when the lights of an open-air circus, by the sea, come on "8 ½ night", a
party with all the chefs involved in the event and more. Music, cocktails, beach and Fellini echoes in the background to round off the first day of Al Mèni.
A few hours of sleep and then we start with the Breakfast starry picnic in the gardens of the Grand Hotel, Sunday 23 June from 11.30 to 15.00, edited by Claudio di Bernardo, chef of the Grand Hotel in Rimini, Roberto Rinaldini, pastry chef, in collaboration with Massimo Bottura and the chefs of Al Mèni (limited availability, cost € 40 on booking, tel 0541.56000,

New 2019: a totally "plastic free" edition

And after describing the very rich program and all the goodness you can taste and taste, we would also like to tell you about the important novelty of this edition. The sixth edition of Al Mèni will be particularly attentive to environmental sustainability and the recovery of food surpluses.
Al Mèni 2019 will in fact be "green" and "plastic free". All gourmet street food producers and points will only use paper or biodegradable materials for administration to the public as they come points of distribution of free water multiplied to protect the environment, in collaboration with Hera, thus avoiding the use of plastic bottles and limiting the production of waste and pollution.

In addition, there will be many scheduled appointments and workshops organized by Slow Food and dedicated to ‘Sea common good’ and to contrast the use of plastic and thanks to the collaboration with Food for Good, which provides for the recovery of food not consumed at the end of the event, the event also actively engages in the reduction of food waste. What to say, one more reason not to miss even a moment of these two days of Rimini dedicated to good food, local flavors and all those things "Made with hands and heart".

Useful info

When: Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June
Where: piazzale Fellini on the Rimini seafront
Official site:
Complete program Al Mèni

Saturday, June 22 at 11.30 am at Circus 8 and 1/2, Rotonda di Piazzale Fellini
Massimo Bottura, the President of the Emilia Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini and the Mayor of Rimini Andrea Gnassi will participate.

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