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Our recipes to explore all the possibilities of mushroom risotto in addition to the classic porcini-based preparation. We will also taste it with chanterelles, nails, orecchiette and champignon

When it comes to mushroom risotto, the presence of porcini mushrooms is often taken for granted as a basic ingredient. Fresh, dried and preserved in oil, they are among the most appreciated thanks to the well-known aromatic potential and the intense aroma that they give to each preparation. But autumn is the right time for do some tests and understand something more about your preferences. The palate does not accept rules: why stop at common thought?
We have chosen a risotto for every type of mushroom and we invite you to try them all to find your favorite. It will be fun and … yummy!


Let's start with certainties. If you want to prepare a good risotto, you'll be on the safe side with the mushrooms. But you risk getting a little bored. That's why we invite you to try a recipe that breaks with the usual patterns thanks to the freshness of the fennel and the crunchy note given by the bread.


The pleuroto, commonly called orecchietta, is less prized than porcini and requires the right cooking to be fully understood. Good sautéed, sautéed and au gratin offers the best breaded and fried. For this reason, we thought of a very different recipe from the traditional mushroom risotto that counts on a pumpkin base and focuses entirely on the finish.


These small mushrooms are often available at a good price and can be used to enrich sauces, meat dishes and polenta-based dishes with their aromas. However, we have chosen them for a classic risotto which will allow you to compare them with the most popular porcini mushrooms. The trick to get the most out of these mushrooms is to boil them a couple of minutes before browning them in a pan.


Often used for side dishes, carpaccio and mixed salads, the mushrooms are also a good idea for risottos. What we invite you to taste is one rustic version of the traditional recipe of mushroom risotto and it is all about pairing with celeriac and carrot.


In this review dedicated to the perfect mushrooms for risotto you could not miss the gluttonous chanterelles. Our recipe is dedicated to those who love strong flavors and expect theaddition of ham and Swiss sbrinz cheese which replaces the traditional grana padano in the final creaming.

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