Appointment with the recipe that celebrates the Mediterranean diet – Italian Cuisine

Barilla and Future Food Institute invite us to participate in the masterclass of 2 July where the Mediterranean diet is the protagonist, together with a conscious look at the future

The best way to celebrate 10 years of appointment of the Mediterranean diet as a UNESCO heritage site? Explore its greatness! To do it, Barilla awaits us on July 2nd at 6.30pm with the masterclass "Mediterranean diet: the recipe for well-being" moderated by Sara Roversi and with the participation of Mariangela Rondanelli, Associate Professor in Dietary Sciences and Techniques at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pavia, Marcello Zaccaria, Executive Chef of Academia Barilla and José de la Rosa, Gastronomy Scientist of Future Food Institute .

During the appointment, in which we will be able to participate through the channels of Future Food Institute, the chef Marcello Zaccaria will guide us in preparing yours Mezze Sleeves on chickpea cream with rosemary, with monkfish. A dish from which to start to reflect on the importance of the Mediterranean diet in our life.

"We decided to create this recipe to celebrate the 10 years of the Mediterranean Diet, because it gave us the opportunity to apply the fundamental principles of this diet in an effective and above all tangible way" explains Marcello Zaccaria, chef of the Barilla Group. “In this recipe, in fact, we can find pasta, the basis of the dietary food pyramid; chickpeas, therefore legumes that should be eaten at least two or three times a week; rosemary, which underlines the importance of dried aromatic herbs; and fish, which represents a very important source of health for us ".

"The Mediterranean Diet is often synonymous with cereals, an ingredient that has taken on an even more important role in the last months of lockdown," says Mariangela Rondanelli, Nutritionist and Associate Professor in Food Sciences and Techniques at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of the Studies of Pavia. “The home-made preparations of pasta, pizza and bread quickly became a surprising daily reality that allowed us to rediscover sociability. At the base of the food pyramid of the Mediterranean Diet, in addition to purely nutritional elements, there is also an aspect that affects human relationships. In fact, he stressed how conviviality, therefore the pleasure of sharing good food with our loved ones,
it represents an important moment of well-being, in the broadest sense of the term ".

This recipe has already been read 185 times!

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