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Appetizer of sea and land? Mussels stuffed with caciocavallo!

The mussels stuffed with caciocavallo are a tasty appetizer halfway between the sea and the land, easy to prepare and irresistible

Do you fancy a starter that you mix flavors of sea and land, in a balanced mix full of flavor? The mussels stuffed with caciocavallo they are the answer to your desires, a soft sweet heart wrapped in the flavor of the cheese, accompanied by the acidity of the tomatoes. Virtually irresistible.

How to choose mussels

The mussels are among the clams less valuable and on sale are found all year round, but the best time to buy them is during the months without "r", from May to August, when their taste is at its peak. When you buy them, check also the color of the mussel, which must be shiny and shiny, the valves must be well closed and not broken. If the mussels come from farms, it is necessary to check that on the package there is a label that describes their origin, the date of collection and packaging. If you buy them and have them cleaned, remember to consume them as soon as possible, because they deteriorate in a short time.

How to make them open

The best way to do it open musselsonce cleaned, it is to put them in a large pan without adding anything. Cover with a lid and let them cook for a few minutes on high heat, turning them over. Once you see all the half-closed shells, turn off, filter the liquid that they have left, and then use it to give more flavor to each of your recipes.

Caciocavallo, the cheese of Podolian cows

Also called provolone, the cheese it's a spun paste cheese, aged from 3 months to two years, typical of the southern regions, in particular of Puglia, Sicily and Calabria, made exclusively with milk from Podolica breed cows. It can be sweet or spicier, depending on whether the rennet is from calf or kid. The two best known caciocavallo are the Silano and the Ragusano. Both are used to season sauces, to flavor the filling of rolls, fish or pastas or on homemade pizzas. And to make mussels stuffed with caciocavallo!

The recipe of mussels stuffed with caciocavallo


1 kg of clean mussels, 50 g grated caciocavallo, 40 g breadcrumbs, 10 cherry tomatoes, 1 clove of garlic, 1 bunch of parsley, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper.


To open the mussels, put them in a large pan, cook them for a few minutes on high heat with the lid, then drain them, strain the liquid and let cool. In a bowl mix the breadcrumbs with the cheese, the pepper and the minced garlic with the parsley. Also add a few tablespoons of filtered water released from the mussels and a little extra virgin olive oil. Stir and open the mussels cooked in the book, without separating the valves. Fill them with one or two tablespoons of filling and place them close to each other in a pan greased with oil. In the meantime wash and dice the tomatoes and then distribute them over the mussels seasoned with two tablespoons of oil. Cook at 180 degrees for 15 minutes and then serve immediately.

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