all you need to know to prepare them at the top – Italian Cuisine

all you need to know to prepare them at the top

They are made in U.S.A., but now they are also very popular with us. Of course, we had already explained the basic technique for preparing them. But that's not enough. Let's find out more about this must of the kitchen with stars & stripes. And above all: let's learn how to do it the perfect pancake!

The ingredients basic are the same as for the crêpes dough, but in reality it changes everything: the thin and ample ones, thick and fluffy the others, the consistency makes the taste completely different. The pancakes are high because there is inside the baking powder and / or baking soda (an irreplaceable ally in the kitchen). Another pair of sleeves are the blini, of Russian origin, which if they are more like American fritters rather than French wafers, have different ingredients for the dough, and in particular they use buckwheat.

In reality pancake variants are found a little in the kitchen of half the world, from Norway to Indonesia to Uganda. And certainly at least since the times of Ancient Greece. Indeed, it seems that from the archeology news of prehistoric pancakes

Pancakes today they are no longer just breakfast. A little because the taste of "breakfast all day", that is breakfast at any time of the day, makes things worse, especially in summer. And then the merit is that they are a simple, tasty and truly versatile recipe. So, of course, the pancakes remain early morning classics, like those with fruit and honey, but also abounds savory versions, which can also be used as an aperitif / appetizer – see mini pancakes with cabbage, cream and salmon roe, or like a real one main course – for example those with asparagus. Obviously then there is the dessert: pancakes with wild berry sauce or dried fruit compote?

Before switching to the main dish, that is the perfect pancake recipe, a couple of curiosity. Did you know that in England it is traditional to stuff oneself with pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, before the beginning of Lent? In fact, it's called … Pancake Day! Which actually falls twice a year: the other date is the 26 September (but January 28th is the party for those with blueberries !!!). North American tradition wants them to be enjoyed with it maple syrup, which was originally a drink prepared by the Algonquin Indians. The first pancake recipe as we know them today appeared in a 15th-century English cookbook.

And now: of course the challenge to churn out the best pancake in America it is always open and the supreme judgment of what the perfect recipe is is an eternal object of opposition. We found it. Research is counted in years, not hours … Here it is for you. The pancake is just perfect, because the simplicity of the recipe it's moving! The doses are for about 8 pancakes; the unit of measurement is US.

The perfect pancake

3 cups of flour
2.5 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoons of sugar
2.5 cups of milk
2 eggs
85 grams of butter (at room temperature)

Mix all the dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, salt, sugar. Separately, mix all the wet ingredients (milk, eggs, butter) to the point where the batter is nice and smooth. Keep the dry separated from the wet will ensure the softness of the pancake. Combine the two preparations and cook each pancake for 2 minutes on each side in a non-stick frying pan with a little butter. Each pancake is prepared with about a quarter cup of dough.

Et voila! Of course they exist alternatives for those who do not want or can eat milk rather than white flour? Galore!!! Cow's milk it can be substituted with great taste with that of goat. Or with a vegetable, for example the excellent one coconut milk. For the flour you can indulge – try first those of ancient grains, which are much more nutritious, or – at least in part – that of oats or the same buckwheat. For the egg can be used only egg whites, which are super-protein, with zero calories and represent the part of the egg that is best cooked (while the yolk would prefer to eat it raw). Of course, every variant of ingredients it also changes the taste pancake, but don't be shy about trying different recipes!

Carola Traverso Saibante
June 2019


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