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All uses of mandolin

This tool is not bulky and really useful: you can't not have it in a kitchen. Here's how to cut fruit and vegetables

Practical, comfortable, fast: in your kitchen you can't really miss it. We are talking about the mandoline, tool designed for slice foods of hard consistency in a precise, uniform manner and with professional results. All with the smallest footprint and minimum effort.
In the market there are many types of mandolin, from the most professional ones to the less elaborate ones: in our guide below, the different models and all uses of this indispensable tool.

The different models of mandolin

The basic mandolina models include a plastic structure with a single blade, adjustable in thickness. Usually, the blade can be in stainless steel or ceramic: although the latter is always sharp, it is also more delicate to clean. Many mandolins offer the possibility of changing the blade, alternating the smooth one to the wavy one (usually used for slicing potatoes to be fried). The more elaborate ones allow you to slice diced fruits and vegetables and in julienne style. Given the dangerousness of the cut and the speed with which it is carried out, many mandolins today are equipped with special supports plastic finger guard. Whatever your mandolin type, always remember to wash and clean it properly after use and to dry it immediately, so that it lasts longer.

The different uses of mandolin

As already mentioned, the mandolin is used for quickly and uniformly and precisely cut fruit and vegetables of hard consistency. Holding it firmly with your left hand (or on the contrary, if you are left-handed), grasp the vegetable with the other hand and pass it firmly on the hand, deciding beforehand the thickness of the slice (adjusting the blade) and greatness (you can get round slices, keeping the vegetable perpendicular to the blade, but also more oblong, inclining it with respect to the support surface). The trick to getting regular slices (and not getting hurt) is to make the cut with firm and determined hand; however, the more you use it, the more you will make the hand, becoming experts. By changing the type of blade, you can cut fruits and vegetables diced, julienne, but also on order.

What foods to slice with mandolin?

The most popular ones usually are zucchini, carrots is potatoes. But it is also possible to slice cucumbers and aubergines. Among the fruit yes a pears is apples, perfect to cut into slices. No to soft and inconsistent pulp vegetables, such as tomatoes, for example.

The advantages of the mandolina

The mandolin allows you to obtain regular slices, all the same and precise. This facilitates the homogeneous cooking of sliced ​​foods. Moreover, it allows you to cut fruit and vegetables quickly, a big hand in the kitchen, especially in the evening, when the desire to prepare food is really minimal. The downside? It is still a cutting tool, with which it is very easy to hurt yourself, if you do not pay attention. Always make sure that it does not fall into the hands of children.

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