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All crazy for blueberries!

Black, blue and red: they are all the colors of blueberry, a fruit rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which is harvested on mountain paths in summer.

Pecks, tasty and rich in nutritional properties: blueberries, despite their size, they are a concentrate of vitamins and anthocyanins, pigments with a protective action at the level of the circulatory system. Blueberries are also known for their action on free radicals, responsible for cellular aging. These fruits ripen in the summer, in the undergrowth of the mountainous areas of the Alps and the Apennines, on plants no more than 60 cm high. There are three different varieties: black, blue and red, and all have a high quantity of antioxidant substances, capable of preventing heart disease, slowing down the natural cellular aging process and preventing certain cancers.

Blueberries, where they are found in Italy

Blueberries are found spontaneously from 600 meters up in the fresh and shady woods of the Alps and the Apennines throughout Italy. To collect the dark and juicy berries, since they are small and the seedling is rather low, a special comb is used. But if you collect them for home use it is better to use … children! They will have a great time and are at the right height to get to the bushes!

The blueberry in the kitchen

Whole or transformed into jams, blueberry is a very versatile ingredient, not only in sweet preparations. In northern Europe, in fact, it is often reduced to gelatin to accompany game meats. Also in our kitchens it is often used to prepare risottos or compound to match to mature cheeses.

The best in pastry!

It is in the pastry, however, that the blueberry gives its best. Many are prepared with blueberries cakes, biscuits and canapés: these fruits are suitable both as a filling, together with a custard, and as a decoration. Blueberries can also be made freeze: in this case it is better to use them to create creams or compotes, not to decorate, because with freezing they lose their consistency. With these berries you can prepare tasty ice creams or even sorbets, to be served between courses. But the versatility of this small fruit does not end here: with blueberries you can make refreshing juices or, by distillation, read spirits, to be consumed after a meal.

Blueberries to spread, not just to eat: when a fruit becomes a medicine

It often happens that some foods possess beneficial qualities also from the cosmetic point of view and are used for the preparation of ointments or beauty creams. This is the case of cranberries, which, having many refreshing and astringent properties, are used by specialists as the basis for creams that are used to combat skin blemishes such as couperose. The astringent action blueberry helps in fact to strengthen the capillary walls, reducing this unpleasant visual effect. When you say a remedy for everything …

Antiacne recipe with blueberries

Ingredients: blueberries, water
Cook the berries with a little water and apply them warm with gauze to the skin. The decoction, ie the cooking liquid, can be used to gargle in case of inflammation of the mouth.

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