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Advice on how to prepare the perfect spring dinner

Three simple tips to organize and prepare a spring-themed dinner: lightness, freshness and taste, the starting ingredients!

Tuesday, May 14 was held, a The School of Italian Cuisine, a dinner to celebrate the arrival of spring: a special menu, prepared by chef Giovanni Rota, in combination with the wines of the Drusian cellar. If you are curious to discover the prepared menu, look at the images in the gallery; they can also be a valuable starting point for preparing your tables.

On this occasion we have collected three tips, to prepare the perfect one spring dinner, which can also reflect the colors and scents of the season at the table.

Seasonal ingredients

First of all, it is always recommended to choose fresh vegetables is Seasonal, paying particular attention to the availability offered by the market. This choice is useful to appreciate the ingredients in their best quality, enjoy superior nutritional properties and, finally, respect the correct production times.
During the spring, asparagus, peas, broad beans, peas and new zucchini can be found on the market.

Balance in choices

When preparing a spring dinner, pay particular attention to theequilibrium, first of all in the choice from ingredients, so as to create homogeneity in the succession of flow rates. It is also important to balance the cooking techniques, so as to enhance the specific consistencies of the individual ingredients. For spring green vegetables, the best preparation method is to parboil them for a few minutes and quickly sauté them in the pan at a later time. This will allow them to keep their crunchiness.

Bright colors

Spring is characterized by bright and vivid colors. For to maintain the color characteristic also in the dishes, especially that of green vegetables, the chef Giovanni Rota recommends using a lot salt in cooking. Furthermore, it is essential to subject the ingredients to a thermal shock, just finished cooking, immediately cooling them in water and ice.

The School of Italian Cuisine has thus opened a series of events, dedicated to specific themes and structured as dinners. The next one is scheduled for July 11 and the theme will be Puglia in Tavola, for booking click here!

Texts by Caterina Limido

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