a new address in Rome and Alessandra's recipe – Italian Cuisine

a new address in Rome and Alessandra's recipe

In the Trastevere area a room dedicated to the Roman tripe is born. At the command is Alessandra Ruggeri, who gives us her special recipe of tripe with beans

"But what are you from Milan?" Alessandra Ruggeri answers this question with a laugh, adding: «No, semo those of Rome . The name is in fact partially misleading, because it recalls the success of the Milanese restaurant. However it describes well part of the offer of this new address of Trastevere: focus on Tripe, to which a paragraph of the menu is dedicated, as well as on the other cornerstones of the fifth Roman quarter, as the pajata and the vaccinara tail, and on other traditional dishes. Not without, however, indulging in some "poetic license", coming out of the Roman kitchen to offer innovative dishes such as ravioli stuffed with tripe or goduriosa tripe with beans that perhaps winks more to Tuscany.

Alessandra Ruggeri admits she started eating tripe as an adult. "I don't know the reason, but at my house it was Sunday and when you woke up in the morning the smell in the house was nauseous, not even because once the tripe didn't sell it as clean as it does now. Then over time I became passionate about it, also because in addition to being one of the poorest cuts in cattle, tripe is also one of the leanest, perfect for those on a diet … only to eat it super seasoned or fried .

Not only childhood and tripe on Sundays: Alessandra also talks about her "previous lives", from participating in Miss Italia to work in sales (an experience that comes in handy when she presents her dishes and wines in the room) In the middle a passion for cooking always cultivated in the background, until he decided to change his life, at the dawn of fifty years. She graduates as a cook thanks to Tu Chef's professional course, takes her first steps between dining room and kitchen in her family's restaurant (Osteria Palmira, on the Gianicolense) and decides at some point to open her own banner, dedicated to much reviled tripe. Here Alessandra is one and three: she starts the preparations in the kitchen, manages the room and also takes care of the interesting cellar.

And so here is the chapter dedicated to tripe, which ranges from fried tripe to Roman tripe with pecorino cheese, from tripe egg to tripe-filled ravioli, to its tripe with beans and tripe meatballs. The cornerstones of Roman cuisine are all there, from carbonara to spaghetti cacio e pepe or amatriciana, a recipe by which Alessandra says they did a very long study, also because the family of the companion comes from Amatrice. And, again, the rigatoni with pajata, the vaccinara tail, the breaded and fried lamb cutlet, the sweetbreads with artichokes and so on. Even desserts speak Roman, such as ricotta and sour cherries tart, and the legendary tiramisu, another test for Roman trattorias, is never missing, where it never fails.

Tripe with beans – Alessandra Ruggeri's recipe


Tripe 1 kg, cannellini beans 200 g (prelessates), bacon q.b., smells (celery, carrot and onion), tomato sauce 80 g, extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp, sage and mint, salt and pepper, chilli, white wine q.b.


Fry the smells in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and then add the bacon and make it a little crunchy. When it is ready add the tripe and let it stew a little. Add the sage, salt, a pinch of pepper and pepper. Sprinkle with wine, let it evaporate and then add the tomato puree, mint and two ladles of water. Cook it and then add the cannellini beans (but if you also want the borlotti, they are fine). Let them flavor, if necessary add salt and pepper. Serve the tripe with the warm beans.

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