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A French restaurant opened in 1961, Le Soufflé, is famous for its original soufflé recipe and serves up to 600 a day, both sweet and savory

Sink the spoon into a soft, fragrant and warm soufflé fresh from the oven is an exciting gastronomic experience, able to satisfy all our senses. Customers know it well historic Parisian restaurant "Le Soufflé", that since 1961 it serves as many as 20 different soufflé types, with seasonal proposals always different and original but all made following the original recipe. The restaurant numbers are staggering, as it boasts a daily average of 150 guests between lunch and dinner, about 600 soufflés served and 400-500 eggs used.

In France the unmissable destination for soufflé lovers

The soufflé, the jewel in the crown of French cuisine, was invented in 1742 and since then the recipe has conquered global catering and has been the subject of an infinite number of creative variations and experiments, both sweet and savory. To savor the original recipe and to experience an immersive and extraordinary culinary experience that has the soufflé as its absolute protagonist, a visit to the Paris restaurant whose name is precisely that of this traditional local dish is a must. Located in the elegant district of Place Vendôme, “Le Soufflé”, a small and refined restaurant, has a selection of 20 soufflés, both sweet and savory. Each soufflé made is light, soft and full of flavor embodies the secrets of French gastronomy, as well as fresh and seasonal ingredients. At Le Soufflé, in addition to the most famous recipe of cheese soufflé, you can taste savory soufflés with green and white asparagus, goat cheese and beetroot, foie gras, morels or truffles or sweet soufflé with raspberries, chocolate or liqueur. Diners can also opt for a three course soufflé menu, which consists of a small appetizer, a savory soufflé and a sweet one. It is good to know that in this case not only the main courses are considerably larger than the soufflé entrees, reaching up to about 20 centimeters in height, but it is possible to ask the waiters to pour you an additional layer of sauce.

The advice of the historic Parisian restaurant

Kitchen experts and enthusiasts are well aware that this delicious dish, slightly crunchy on the outside and soft in the center, which requires simple basic ingredients such as butter, flour, milk and eggs, is above all known for its executive complexity, which requires experience and technical skill. Its preparation, in fact, is considered a test bench for amateur and non-amateur chefs, in fact a minimum error is enough to have a disastrous result from a presentation and taste point of view. The knows it well son of the owner of the restaurant Le Soufflé, Josnard, which states that the recipe is simple but difficult to manage. For those wishing to try their hand at this test, the chef recommends using a powerful oven and pay close attention to the dosage of the various ingredients; if, for example, too many egg whites are used, the soufflé will deflate after cooking and if the egg whites are not mixed and carefully assembled, the soufflé will not rise sufficiently. Once you find the right formula for the basic recipe, you can finally indulge yourself with all sorts of stuffing.

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