50 baked recipes in the pan – Italian Cuisine

Sweet and savory pies, fish, vegetables and baked meat, but also the inevitable pizza and a few surprises. Here's what to do in the pan

The oven is on and the pan. Let's start with these simple bases to cook 50 recipes from appetizers to desserts, from fish to pumpkin, to keep everyone happy. But before baking, some indication.
If your baking sheet it is not non-stick, take care to spread the parchment paper over it to prevent food from sticking. If you have to cook a dish with lots of volume, like a pie, get one instead baking tray with zipper lateral and removable base: it will allow you to transform the dish in the best way. Choose steel, iron and aluminum trays for all preparations and prefer those in copper for recipes that require strong heat conduction such as farinata.

Turn on the oven now and get ready to cook: octopus pie, potatoes and cabbage, quiche with turnip tops, potatoes and anchovies, inverted cake with late Treviso radicchio and Jerusalem artichokes, fillet with walnuts with caramelized late Treviso radicchio, chic pizza, puff pastry filled with Maddalena pasta and berries, pan of sardines and vegetables with carasau bread, salt-baked sea bream with celery leaves, Fillo dough pizzas with vegetables and sardines, perch in aromatic cartoccio, pan of new potatoes, spring onions and tomatoes, stuffed peppers of sea bass, prawns and squid, la Bari-style focaccia bread, focaccia stuffed with onions and beans with balsamic vinegar, gurnard rolls with ginger, fruit dumplings filled with vegetables and cheese, pumpkin quiche and vegetables, fillet steak of salmon in foil, lasagnette with ragù of capon and spinach, lasagna with zucchini pesto, speck and scamorza cheese, baked kid with silane potatoes, amberjack baking tray, leeks and plums, autumn vegetable pan, potatoes gratin, soft and sweet focaccia, baked bream with potatoes and pecorino cheese, smash of Cannara onions, potato cake with sardines and mozzarella, anchovy cake, pink salt porridge, cookies with lime, pizza with olives e ’nduja, Anchovies in cake tin, pumpkin gratin and macaroons, sbrisolona and sorbet with mandarin, thin stuffed focaccia, anchovy focaccia and zucchini flowers, pan of squid stuffed, pumpkin pan and cheese, pizza aromatica with perch fillets and wild herbs, mixed mushroom cupcakes and peppers, grated shavings with braised pumpkin, tsalted rose garden with endive and cooked ham, mini Croissant with cheese and ham, croquettes of artichokes and bacon, Neapolitan sfogliatelle, puff pastry with pear and stracchino cream, crunchy apple chips, anchovies in cake is pizza with stracchino, porcini, pesto.

The focaccia from Bari, the scent of a city
The focaccia from Bari, the scent of a city.

Our 50 recipes to prepare in a pan

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