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Here are the main mistakes we make every day and the simple remedies to avoid gaining weight between a sedentary life and bad habits

I don't eat anything, but I don't lose a kilo. I have to change my diet. I always eat little at work and yet …
Stop. If you don't understand what is making you fat, an explanation is there. Even if you are not giving yourself obvious sgarri, binges or excesses, the accounts on the scale do not return.
If we told you that you are probably doing at least 3 of these common mistakes that lead us to gain weight little by little and to take bad habits at work? Here is the list of villains and how to change your routine with some changes.

Breakfast at the bar

The last minute alarm, a rush shower and off to the bar before entering the office. This habit is a concentration of calories (400 if you choose cap and brioche), saturated fats and sugars. To get your day off to a good start, wake up a quarter of an hour earlier and awaken your body with fiber, sugar and protein. For example with a low-fat yogurt, whole grains and a fruit.

Coffee break and sugar

Indispensable, fun and relaxing. But if every coffee is accompanied by a sachet of sugar, we are on the wrong path. You will have to sweeten only the first of the day and take all others bitter. That won't be more than 4. And if you don't like bitter coffee, why not share the preparation of a green tea to drink naturally?

Lunch at the desk

Time is short, laziness a lot. And so day after day you are used to having a bite in front of your computer, maybe even optimizing the lunch hour to get on with the work. But this is not a good idea. This custom will lead you to eat more than necessary, do not do the little motion allowed by the lunch break and digest the frugal meal with difficulty. Leave the desk at least to eat and take ten minutes to walk briskly after lunch.

Skip lunch

There are also those who are undecided whether to have lunch in front of the PC or outside, solve the dilemma by skipping the meal. And then he consoles himself with a caloric snack in the afternoon or an aperitif before dinner. These behaviors take us away from our weight and confuse the body that gets used to not receiving energy when it requires it and stores the substances that we propose to it out of hours. We listen to our body and stimulate the metabolism, always finding the time for a light and balanced lunch.

The snack machine

Look carefully at the snack dispenser and give it a warm farewell. From today on you will stay away from small packs rich in saturated fats and preservatives and you will opt for simple snacks prepared at home.

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