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Between July and August the best apricots arrive on our tables. Here's how to use them to prepare light salads perfect for summer

Maybe not everyone knows that apricots they are fruits widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine, especially dried ones and are often used in the preparation of savory dishes based on meat or rice or couscous.
We want to offer you very fresh and fast recipes for summer with apricots, but we will use the ripe and juicy ones typical of this season.
No jams and no cakes. We prepare some excellent salads, ideal for a lunch on the beach or an outdoor picnic. You can prepare them a little in advance and take them with you anywhere inside a thermal container.

Why eat apricots

Apricots are a panacea for health. Like all fruits, they are rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants and are a light snack because they are low in calories. Especially in summer they are good for your skin and help you get a better tan, which is why you have to fill it up this season.

How to make dried apricots

To preserve all the flavor of this extraordinary summer fruit for a long time, dry the apricots once they have been washed and pitted and cut in half. You can do it in a classic way by blanching them and then cooking them in the oven at 90 ° for 4 hours before exposing them to the sun or you can use a dryer. Then keep them in a dry place in a glass jar for a maximum of 6-7 months.


The ideal combinations

The apricots they go very well with legumes, in particular with cannellini beans and chickpeas, and make the taste of some vegetables such as green beans and cucumbers tastier.
Even a simple green salad becomes special with the addition of fresh apricots. Be careful not to choose them too ripe because they would ruin the crunchy consistency of the dish.
If you want to add a protein portion to your salads, primosale and feta are the ideal cheeses. The combination with grilled white meat and shellfish is also excellent.

With or without peel

The peel contains many fibers and therefore you may also decide to keep it, once washed thoroughly. But if you don't love it for its velvety appearance, then eliminate it, keeping it aside to prepare smoothies and jams. Nothing is thrown away in the kitchen!
Here are some easy and very tasty ideas for preparing apricot salads.

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