5 new cooking and pastry courses for 2019 – Italian Cuisine

5 new cooking and pastry courses for 2019

From the Apulian traditions to the advanced sushi and sashimi preparations. Here are the news not to be missed in the new year

2019 a The School of Italian Cuisine we start with it five new courses of absolutely unmissable cuisine and pastry. Let's find out together!

1. Regional cuisine: Puglia

Let's go back to explore the regional kitchens of Italy: the first stop is in Puglia, with four different recipes from the usual to rediscover its traditional cuisine.

An educational plan that becomes a real dedicated menu:

– Troccoli with stuffed cuttlefish sauce, a fresh pasta shape typical of Foggia
– chicory tiella, unfailing on the Puglia tables
– pancotto, a simple and tasty soup for lovers of recovery cuisine
– sighs, ending with a very soft dessert

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2. Neapolitan pastry

If you miss the south, it's time to make a sweet stop in Naples, with the irresistible classics of the Campania pastry: cake Caprese, Baba with rum, clip is pastiera. Click here to find out the dates.

3. Winter menu

The best way to warm up during a cold winter is to go to the stove!

Here is our proposal for a complete menu:

– Jerusalem artichokes and mushrooms
– chopped spelled risotto with radicchio, green apple and taleggio cheese fondue
– pork cheeks with parsnips in two textures
– pumpkin and chocolate

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4. Éclair and cream puffs

Delicious cakes to prepare with pâte à choux: from the famous éclair, typical of French confectionery, to fried tortelli! There will obviously be plenty of cream puffs!

5. Sushi: advanced course

As always we make a leap also in the other kitchens of the world. In this case the Japanese one. If you have already attended the course Sushi and sashimi, or you are already able to prepare simple nigiri and maki, this year we are ready to make things more difficult. Read the educational plan here and get ready to level up with our chef Katsuya Tatsumoto.

For the complete calendar with all the courses, you can download it here in pdf or consult the dates on scuola.lacucinaitaliana.it.

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