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A pasta with few calories and many properties. There are different versions (from lentils to chickpeas) and as many ideas to taste it

There legume pasta it's a pasta hypocaloric and very proteinic, made only of legume flour and water.
It is suitable for those who are intolerant to gluten, both ai diabetics and be it to those who want lose weight without giving up the pleasure of a good first course.
The interesting thing about this product, besides the calorie count, is the cooking time, much lower than that of a classic durum wheat pasta.

Eye to the times

If you cook legume pasta even just one more minute, it breaks and does not remain compact. And, if you let it cool too much without seasoning, it will dry out and stick very quickly.
The advice is from drain it al dente again and of season it immediately with a little oil.


Legume pasta is a novelty of recent years and, increasingly, new versions are proposed.
At the moment the most widespread ones are based on pea flour, red lentils, chickpeas and beans, ingredients taken singly or even mixed in one product.
You can find them in the shops of natural and organic products, but also in many supermarkets because even some Italian giants of Italian pasta are offering their proposals.
THE formats they are mostly those of short pasta like pennette, fusilli, farfalle and mezzemaniche, but you can also find spaghetti and pasta to be added in soups.

Red lentil pasta.

Ideal condiments

Legume pasta is fine, of course with vegetables, of the same kind as the flour used in the dough or mixed.
You can add them cold to prepare a salad or in the form of soup to make a paste and chickpeas, for example, flavored with rosemary. Attention however in this case to the cooking, as we said before. Add it only at the end or cook it separately.
Even the vegetables are a perfect condiment: sautéed zucchini, peas, roasted pumpkin, steamed cauliflowers and sautéed in a pan, mixed herbs are all excellent accompaniments for this kind of pasta.
The tomato instead it contrasts slightly with a slightly bitter aftertaste and so unless you decide to use it raw for a version of cold pasta with mozzarella or tuna, avoid it.
Between meat and fish the very best fish. Try it with the tuna fillet cut into cubes and lightly cooked in a pan with oil, capers and olives.
If you really can not do without the ragout try the vegetarian based one soy or seitan which has a more delicate taste more suitable to accompany legumes.
Finally all types of are perfect pesto like the classic one with basil, the one with rocket and the Sicilian one, but also with sauces like that of walnuts, that of radicchio, that of mushrooms and the four cheeses.

Baked better than not

As we said, this pasta tends to dry easily then it is not suitable for oven cooking.
If you leave a little 'you can however use it to prepare an omelette, or add it to one soup instead of cereals.

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