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You can make a homemade mold, prepare desserts that do not require it, or even use the pan. Here are some ideas

These days you have decided to take advantage of the time available for learn to cook. Well done, it was time! The cakes in this period they are popular and are a good starting point. Maybe, however, you are missing the indispensable tools like the electric whips, the planetary mixer, a pastry board, a rolling pin and above all baking pans and molds. In the latter case, the good news is that you don't have to give up preparing delicious cakes to cheer up and sweeten your afternoons because we'll tell you where to cook them if you don't have a suitable mold.

DIY mold (Do It Yourself)

Although we advise you to always have a round hinged mold at home, one for the donut and one for the muffins, we would like to reassure you that you can get by even without it because you can prepare at least 5 delicious cakes that don't require baking in the mold. In the meantime, however, do this housework which can always come in handy when needed.
Prepare a ring of tinfoil. Just take a nice sheet of aluminum wide enough for the circumference you want to give to the ring, fold it many times until you get a wide band and then close the ends of the circle with adhesive tape.
You can place this ring on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and pour the dough into your center. Bake and go!
You can also make molds of other shapes always with foil, but during baking the cakes rise and lose their shape. With the circle you are never wrong.


There galette it is a very easy cake to prepare and also very beautiful to bring to the table.
The basis is made of pasta brisee and the filling is from fruit.
You can indulge yourself in choice of flours to be used in the dough which can be a mix of wholemeal and cereals, spelled and 00, rice and buckwheat for a gluten free version, or simply 00 flour.
And then use the seasonal fruit it's a jam at the base that holds everything together a little.
The is also very good salty version with cheese and vegetables inside.


Crepes Pie

To prepare this cake you don't need a cake mold, but one no stick pan because you will have to prepare many Crepes.
Once ready, between one and the other you can put whatever you want, as long as there are many layers until you reach the height of a real cake.
We advise you to stuff it with jam if you want a breakfast cake and snack, or with cream and custard if you want a dessert for an after dinner.
Read all our tips to prepare a beautiful and delicious Crepes Pie.

Pan-fried cake

The simple cakes that are prepared for breakfast, such as the paradise cake or the yogurt cake, Yes they can cook in a pan. Did you know?
Just pour the cake mixture into a buttered and floured non-stick pan and then cook for 5 minutes with the lid on low heat and then for another 20 on medium-high heat always with the lid, then turning the cake on the other side for others 10 minutes.
For uniform cooking choose the bigger stove.


A dessert that does not require the mold is also it strudel.
Delicious in every season, even if in winter, warm and with semi-whipped cream, it's the end of the world.
You can prepare it with a ready-made sheet or brisée or you can make homemade pasta.
Of course, the inside must be placed apples with cinnamon and sugar e a little bit of Apricot jam to the base.
You can add walnuts, pine nuts and raisins and you can lightly caramelize the apples before stuffing the strudel. In many cases some is also added crumbled biscuit to absorb the moisture of the fruit.
The version with le is also excellent pears instead of apples and we suggest in this case to enrich it with chocolate flakes.
If you want to know more, read on our tips on strudel.

Tart without mold

A tart without mold it prepares very easily because the pastry stands on its own if you make it pretty compact.
Of course, the shape may not be perfect, but if you draw a circumference with the pencil on the parchment paper you will get away with it.
Just cut the pastry to size, then build a high edge with the remaining pastry and fill the inside with the jam.
Decorate again with the classic grill or with the dough cut with a biscuit cutter and bake directly on the oven tray that you will have used as a base.
For the shortcrust perfect, we refer you to our recipe.

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