30 cold summer dishes that will revolutionize your menu – Italian Cuisine

Sandwich with crescenza, tuna and zucchini flowers
Rice and carpaccio skewers
Tuna and sesame tartare
Cold burghul with seafood
Cold cream of carrots and peas
Francesino with chicory, tuna and mozzarella
Tongue salad, Tropea onions
Spaghetti with green beans, tomato and tuna
Cold mess of lasagna and vegetables
Tuna and ricotta mousse with new salad
Shrimp tartare and bisque jelly
Genoese cold boiled
Tuna tomatoes
Carpaccio and celery and lime granita
Centrifuge of mixed vegetables with panzanella
Tuna club sandwich
Cold malloreddus salad
Cold paccheri stuffed with squid
Tunafish balls
Fregula with prawns
Ox tartar with crumbled capers and olives
Tuna mousse with onions and croutons with olives
Cold boccoli in salad
Beef carpaccio with fennel
Butterflies and speck salad
Omelette skewer with tuna and tomatoes
Cold pasta with rocket pesto
Summer butterflies with avocado, beans and shrimp
Salad of green beans, celery, potatoes and tuna

The sun is getting higher, the days getting longer and the clothes lighter. And our table, how does it change when the temperature rises? It is populated with cold dishes, at will. Capable of giving us intense flavors, but at the same time of respect that desire for cool which will lead us to the frantic search for ice cream, ice lollies and slices of watermelon.

And if skewers, tartare, cold pasta, rice salads, cold creams, carpaccio, sandwiches and salads are perfect to pamper our palate without getting hot, what are the foods that are best avoided when the temperature rises?

A small list of no, in order of "danger"

The fried foods

No to firings that increase the percentage of fat in our dishes: they will make digestion more difficult, triggering a process of sweating and fatigue.

Alcoholic drinks

Even if they are a summer must, avoid taking them when the sun is still high or on very hot evenings. The dehydrating action of alcohol has very negative effects on an organism that is severely tested by sweating.

Sweet and carbonated drinks

Better to take juices, smoothies and natural infusions. The sweeteners and sugars in sweet drinks are in fact not very suitable for healthy hydration and do not contain the mineral salts needed to find the right balance.

Spicy foods

Do you know that droplet of sweat that came down from your forehead the last time you were at the Indian restaurant? The excessively spicy and spicy foods upset our stomach and do not favor a quiet feeling of freshness during and after digestion.

The coffee

The diuretic effect of coffee does not agree with the already copious loss of body fluids caused by sweating. So let's limit its use and remember to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

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