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3 rules to prepare the perfect cold pasta salad

What should you consider to compose a cold pasta salad the right way?

In summer you don't have to give up pasta! The beautiful season is the best time to dedicate oneself to cold salads, not just the rice ones. To prepare a perfect cold pasta salad, however, you need to follow some rules very precise. Davide Negri, chef and lecturer at the courses of The School of Italian Cuisine, it has three for you.

1. Cooking

The first rule, the most important, concerns the cooking of pasta. It may be natural to drain the pasta al dente, for fear that it will lose consistency by resting. In reality it is not really so. It is important to cook the pasta not too al dente, cool it quickly under the jet of cold water and drain it. This serves both for stop cooking immediately, both to prevent ingredients like cheeses from melting once added. Attention: this procedure reduces the sapidity, for this it could be necessary to salt the pasta again. Another tip from the chef: use the whole wheat pasta!

2. Consistency

It is always better to combine something much Crisp for not having too similar consistencies. Opt for vegetables and vegetables raw is an excellent idea. Tomatoes, peppers, carrots, courgettes, aubergines, radishes, you name it. Not all of them lend themselves to being eaten raw (and not everyone loves them), so you can grill them or boil them quickly, to prevent them from losing their crunchiness. Alternatively, try the technique of marinating, cutting them into cubes and seasoning them with oil, salt and lemon.

3. Aromas

Pasta should not only be cold, but also fresh! To this end, the taste of us comes to our aid herbs. Some of the best: mint, basil, oregano, verbena, fennel, tarragon, thyme, marjoram. Finally, the taste ofextra virgin olive oil raw it should never be missing.

Now that you know how to treat the ingredients to make one perfect cold pasta salad, you can have fun with pairings and the flavors you prefer! Preferably use vegetables Seasonal, but try to play with summer fruit for a more original result.

We are waiting for you at La Scuola di La Cucina Italiana courses to discover many other tips. Below, some ideas to copy from ours cold pasta recipes.

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