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3 liqueurs to prepare in the summer

Digestives or "ammazzacaffè" with herbs, apricots or mulberry. Why homemade Christmas gifts get ready for August!

Summer is the season in which fruits, vegetables and herbs are harvested to prepare preserves for the winter season.
You know that with the summer harvest you can also make great ones spirit to serve at the end of the meal as digestive or coffee sack?
We suggest three of our favorites.

It's time to think about Christmas gifts

It sounds like a joke, but instead we are very serious.
If you want to give your friends and family something special at Christmas, prepared at home and with love, nothing is better than a liqueur, a vegetable preserve or a jam.
This is the right time to pick the tastiest fruit and the most fragrant herbs and get to work immediately.
Maceration and storage times are long and the results will arrive just during the Christmas holidays.

Liqueur with summer herbs

It is prepared with 30 g of mixed herbs including mint, verbena, angelica, chamomile, rosemary, thyme and lemon leaves. If other aromatic herbs grow in your garden, add them as well.
Wash them carefully and then dry them with a kitchen cloth.
Leave to macerate in 400 g of alcohol and keep the container closed in the dark for 5 a week.
Then prepare a syrup with 350 g of water and 300 g of sugar and, once cold, pour it into the bottle, shake it and let it rest for a couple of days. Strain the liqueur and bottle it.

Flavored liqueur

Wash with care 700 g of apricots, remove all the pits by removing the bitter almond inside each one.
Mix the apricot pulp with almonds, 500 g of sugar, 650 g of alcohol and a small piece of cinnamon and left to macerate for three weeks.
Remember to move the container several times a day to mix the flavors.
Strain the liqueur, bottle it and do not serve it before 3-4 months.

Mulberry liqueur

To prepare this liqueur we suggest a very ancient process that involves maceration in the sun.
After washing 600 g of mulberry blackberries, black or white, or both, mix them with 300 g of sugar and 500 g of pure alcohol.
Seal the container and leave it in the sun for 4 days, shaking it often.
Then transfer it to a cool, dry place for two months and finally strain it, bottle it and let it rest for another two months.

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