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20 recipes of sweets with apricots

For breakfast, for a snack or for dessert: with apricots, the dessert is served!

Summer apricots conquer us with theirs sweetness and with them softness. And we can't do without it, also because with their beauty Orange colour they bring a lot of joy to the table and with their nourishing properties they help us face the hot summer days. Apricots are then fruits that can be cooked in different desserts, suitable for any time of the day. Discover ours recipes in the gallery!

Apricots for breakfast

How about starting the day with one Scented brioche with apricots and candied orange or with some delicious biscuits like i Apricot and white chocolate cookie? You can also choose a soft, nutritious and tanning-friendly cake such as the Carrot and apricot cake or the Apricot pie or, again, the "Upside down" apricot cake.

For snack

For the afternoon break, what could be better than a tart? We offer you many variations: Apricot and almond cream tart, Apricot jam tart, Almond and apricot filling, Ricotta tart with apricots, Soft tart with apricots.

At dinner

Finally, for an apricot cake in a more "elegant" version, suitable for example for a summer dinner, here is the Apricot soup with strawberries and sesame brittle, the Stuffed apricots, lo Apricot strudel, the very original Apricot vol au vent, the Sliced ​​apricots in syrup, a Gratin or a Apricot clafoutis.

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