20 pasta dishes to eat in these weeks to spend at home – Italian Cuisine

Forced sedentary life in the house, refrigerator at your fingertips, boredom, anxiety … So you end up squeezing throughout the day. But then to remedy you don't need to make big sacrifices at the table, you don't need to deprive yourself of your beloved pasta!

In these days of forced (and responsible) closure at home, with little possibility of movement, and the fridge always there at hand, the risk of accumulating a few extra pounds becomes almost a certainty And to say that, usually, the battle against overweight, the search for form and the fight to the death against rolls and extra kilos are more effective precisely in spring, when the increase in temperatures makes it easier to reduce the portions and (in other years) to get closer costume testing has always shown a strong motivation. Usually, during periods of reduced calorie diet, pasta, which is a staple of our diet, leaves room for lean meats, boiled vegetables, baked fish and salads. But … what nostalgia!

Yes, because few things like pasta (with sauce, garlic, oil and chilli, normal, with ragù …) give us that fabulous feeling of comfort at the table, without making us want anything else. So why say no to pasta?

Spaghetti with baked tomatoes
Spaghetti with baked tomatoes.

It is certainly not the ideal time to season it with fatty cheeses such as zola or cacio, meats such as bacon, sausage, lamb and minced pork or with creamed butter-based sauces, but there are still many and delicious variations available. Help yourself from low calorie ingredients and to recipes that do not include the addition of condiments and creams, we can indulge in the pleasure of a good plate of pasta even in these very uneventful and rather sedentary weeks. Green noodles with lime sauce, whole spaghetti, prawns and rocket, trofie with tuna and avocado cream, trenette with lettuce pesto and sprouts, orecchiette with cod and artichokes, linguine with perch and friar's beard, penne with tofu and chickpeas, fusillini, olives and courgettes, tagliatelle with anchovies and lemon express sauce and paccheri, ricotta and aubergines.

Here are the recipes we recommend

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