14 rules for preparing very crispy fries at home – Italian Cuisine

Is there anything more delicious than fries? Make them at home crunchy like those in fast food

French fries are considered a junk food par excellence, perhaps because they are usually prepared in fast foods with poor quality oil and served with a thousand types of sauces.
What more conquest than a good chip is the crunchiness, very difficult to reproduce at home without professional deep fryers.
But we want to give you some suggestions to prepare delicious and very genuine chips that have nothing to envy to those of fast food.

French fries: a joy for young and old!
French fries: a joy for young and old!

Which potatoes to choose?

To prepare very crispy French fries it is important to choose the right variety of potatoes. The one with the red peel and the yellow ones are ideal because they are low in starch. To avoid new potatoes instead.

With which oil to fry

Better sunflower oil. Extra virgin olive oil makes them less digestible.

In the gallery above all our tips to fry the chips well

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