12 places to eat well – Italian Cuisine

12 places to eat well

2020 is an important year for the ducal city that renews its fame in the world, not only culinary. An unmissable opportunity, between beautiful exhibitions and long walks in the center, to (re) discover the local cuisine. Here's where

We always go to Parma. They call her Petite Capital since – in the first half of the nineteenth century – it was the center of Duchy of Maria Luigia of Austria, second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. For the whole of 2020, Parma 'repurchases the title' for the designation a Italian Capital of Culture, offering a series of events where in addition to its ambassadors alive or disappeared (from Giuseppe Verdi to the Bertolucci brothers) it will celebrate its visible or hidden beauty, the environment – starting from the Po – and of course the food that is one of the elements that made it as famous everywhere as the Teatro Regio di Parma which was instrumental in the relaunch of the Italian Michelin Guide as the venue for several consecutive years of the event. The ducal city, not surprisingly, is the pivot of the rich Food Valley, hosts Cibus (in 2020, it will be from 11 to 14 May) and for five years it has boasted the title of Unesco City of Gastronomy.

Exceptional products

Between a long walk in the historic center and the exhibitions (don't miss the one in Palazzo Pegorini on the history of the Gazzetta di Parma, the oldest Italian newspaper since it was founded in 1735), you can happily dedicate yourself to the joys of the palate. The summa is made up of typical salami (culatello di Zibello, Parma raw ham, Felino salami, San Secondo shoulder, coppa di Parma …) to pair with fried cake; the herb tortelli – here the subject of eternal discussions on the nuances to make them – and the anolini; mixed boiled meat and stew; the Maria Luigia cake and sweet tortelli obviously preceded by some flakes of Parmesan cheese, even better aged. The wine? Well, a great Lambrusco Doc or an unpublished Colli di Parma Doc. We have selected the premises where to taste these delicacies, staying in the city, without neglecting the new frontiers that also exist here. And never forget that ‘parmenese’ refers to the whole province and ‘parmesan’ only to Petite Capital: it's not a detail around here.

El Bajon

Simplicity in power, in the environment and in the kitchen: a 'little circle' that in Parma highly appreciate for the goodness of cold cuts and fried cake. Also try the mushroom lasagna. Pleasant surprise.

Enoteca Fontana

A timeless tavern with kitchen. The certainty for those who love cold cuts and snacks accompanied by a glass of Lambrusco. Very simple, lively environment frequented mainly by the Parmesans.

Red Shadows

Safe haven for those who love good food and especially good drink: local dishes – also for tasting – and encyclopedic wine list that animates themed events. Another plus, the cheeses

I Du Matt

Creativity is made with fish, tradition is respected for the rest of the menu with lots of meat and all the first courses in the repertoire. A modern trattoria, well managed by a couple in work and in life.

Flew away

Particular location: the food & fly club of the small city airport. But it is surprising for the environment – as a modern trattoria – and the excellent cuisine, with lots of meat and original dishes such as Carbonara 2.0.

Cortex Bistrot

The local of the moment in Parma: classy bistro in the center, led by young people, that goes beyond the local cuisine – without denying it – but with a 2.0 vision, as in the Garganelli with meat sauce. Interesting cellar.

Ancient Flavors

One of the most solid restaurants in Parma, close to 70 years of activity. Cuisine of great raw materials, attentive to tradition, but always with an author's touch. Cellar that allows you to have fun.

The Inkiostro

The exception that confirms the rule: in one of the lands most tied to tradition, one of the greatest creative chefs in Italy, namely Terry Giacomello, works. His is cuisine without borders, but does not spare beautiful provocations to the territory: see the Mezze manicole with ham, reduction of balsamic vinegar and fried cake.

The Tri Siocchèt

The classic Sunday restaurant – but not only – with lots of space, an old-fashioned welcome and one of the most beautiful gardens in the province. There is the whole repertoire of tradition, at competitive prices.


Starred for 40 years, it is the restaurant par excellence in Parma, thanks to the skill of the chef-patron Marco Parizzi and his wife Cristina. Tradition is not forgotten, but it is more interesting to taste eclectic and classy dishes such as guinea fowl in dried fruit crust with potatoes, spring onions and champignons.


The traditional sanctuary, attached to the Hotel Daniel: in two cozy and rustic rooms, it offers typical Parmesan cuisine. Meats and the veal tip stuffed with Parmigiana are not to be missed. Relevant cellar.

Ai Due Platani

In the hamlet of Coloreto there is one of the top restaurants in Emilia, the kingdom of the expert Giancarlo Tavani. The 'trimurti' made up of large local cured meats, stuffed pasta and the monumental cream ice cream is known to all Italian gourmets. The cellar is solid, from local wines to those from across the Alps.

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