12 cakes with strawberries easy to prepare – Italian Cuisine

12 cakes with strawberries easy to prepare

Sweet and juicy, they are the fruit of spring but this year thanks to the mild winter they are already present on the benches of the ortomercati. To taste these first fruits immediately we suggest 12 easy recipes with strawberries

Strawberries are already popping up on the market and hypermarket counters and it is difficult to go further without being conquered by their sunny aspect and the fresh spring scent that they give off.

Because strawberries are good

In addition to being sweet, juicy and delicious, strawberries are a fruit rich in beneficial nutritive properties, have a very high antioxidant power, are particularly rich in Vitamin C and also iron, calcium and magnesium, have laxative, diuretic and purifying properties and they are also indicated to combat cholesterol. Moreover, being composed of 90% of water, they are low in calories and low in fat. So it is impossible to resist their various virtues!

How to choose strawberries

A few simple tips to choose the best strawberries:

– choose the most turgid strawberries, not bruised and with the petiole well attached

– choose strawberries of a uniform red color but not excessively dark or with white or green parts

– always check their origin, preferring Italian strawberries

Strawberries are easily perishable so once purchased it is good to keep them in the refrigerator and consume them within 2-3 days.

12 easy recipes based on strawberries

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