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10 wines for ... Spaghetti with clams

Do you want to bring the taste of the sea to the table? We have spaghetti with clams, now let's think about wine!

The most popular summer dish is not only an icon of Neapolitan cuisine, it is a classic of many other sea regions. It is located in every restaurant and is very easy to cook at home. It is prepared with simple ingredients but with contrasting flavors: there is the sweetness of pasta, the flavor of clams, the oiliness of extra virgin olive oil and the aromatic notes of parsley, garlic, pepper or chilli. The classic recipe is in white, but there are those who also add some cherry tomatoes. What are the most suitable wines to combine? Definitely the still young whites, of medium structure and with delicate aromas of fruit and flowers. With the labels of Campania you play at home, but there are other wines very indicated. Here are our choices.

Amalfi Coast Ravello Selva delle Nuns 2018 Ettore Sammarco
If we had to choose just one wine to pair with spaghetti with clams, this would be it. The whites of the Amalfi Coast, with the aromas of fruit and yellow flowers, some notes of Mediterranean herbs and the right flavor, are the ideal companions. This, made from biancolella and falanghina grapes, is delicate and delicious.
14 euros.

Irpinia Falanghina Demetra 2017 Ancient Castle
Another regional combination, this time with the pure Falanghina grape: an immediate and versatile white which, thanks to its sapidity and balance, goes very well with pasta dishes with shells and shellfish.
15 euros.

Melissa Bianco Asylia 2018 Librandi
From Calabria, an easy, smooth and fragrant wine. Its sapid flavor, enlivened by light vegetal notes, meets the iodized character of clams and the aromatic notes of parsley. Serve it very cold.
7 euros.

Etna Bianco Mofete 2018 Palmento Costanzo
The volcano gives this white, based on carricante and catarratto grapes, aromas of ripe yellow fruit and flowers like broom; when tasted, it is saline and citrusy, with a smooth drink, without lacking in elegance.
15 euros

Verdicchio di Matelica Villa Marilla 2017 Marco Gatti
A wine that is at the same time pure and great, due to its ability to combine body and freshness, with pleasant aromas of white fruit and vegetal and balsamic notes reminiscent of wild fennel and anise.
10 euros

Maremma Toscana Vermentino Litorale 2018 Val delle Rose
A wine that already on its label, which depicts three colored deckchairs, talks about the sea and holidays. Generous in its fruit aromas, such as white peach and pineapple, it goes very well with spaghetti with clams, but also with a more elaborate pasta with seafood.
13 euros

Colli Bolognesi Pignoletto Superiore Zigant 2017 Lodi Corazza
It is characterized by intense aromas of ripe fruit and a slender sip this wine born in a very suitable area of ​​the Bolognese hills. Despite the body, it maintains a beautiful freshness and great pleasure.
16 euros.

Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene Campofalco Canevel
A bubble with spaghetti with clams, why not? The fruity and soft fragrance of a Prosecco Superiore creates a pleasant contrast with the marine flavor of the clams. We like the certified organic Campofalco di Canevel.
11.50 euros.

Franciacorta Satèn ’61 Guido Berlucchi
Pure Chardonnay and silky bubbles go well with the sweet taste of pasta and cleanse the mouth from the greasiness of the seasoning.
20 euro.

Riviera del Garda Classico Chiaretto San Donino 2018 Selva Capuzza
If the recipe calls for the addition of cherry tomatoes, it is well paired with a delicate, salty pink wine like those produced on Lake Garda. The Chiaretto di Selva Capuzza is very suitable, also due to its seductive citrus scents.
11 euros.

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