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10 side dishes with curry

If you love the intense flavor of curry, here are 10 ideas to bring delicious side dishes to the table with this spice

Curry is one spice mixture typical of Indian cuisine which is prepared at home by pounding different ingredients in a mortar in proportions that can also vary according to taste. Today we want to offer you some recipes of side dishes to be flavored and flavored with this characteristic yellow powder.

Why use curry in the kitchen

As we often suggest, it is important keep an eye on the amount of salt that we take in our diet and that we use to prepare our dishes. Here they can help us in this aromatic herbs and spices because they add flavor, but not flavor and do not tire the kidneys and the circulatory system.
The curry is also particularly good full of properties containing, among other ingredients, also a certain amount of turmeric which, as we know, is a natural antibiotic and helps our body prevent many ailments.

The most famous recipe: chicken curry

You can use curry in many ways, but certainly the most famous curry recipe is chicken.
To prepare it, simply cook the chicken in small pieces in a non-stick pan with oil and butter. You can also add the onion or a shallot, but it depends a little on the tastes.
Once browned, add the chicken with fresh cream or coconut milk and add some curry. The quantity depends a little on the flavor you want to give to the dish, more or less spicy and intense.
You can at the end of cooking, and when the milk is absorbed, add some thin slices of golden apple and complete with a pinch of salt.
Curry chicken should always be accompanied with one portion of basmati rice simply boiled or with pilaf rice.

The most famous curry side dish on the web

If you haven't tried the curry cauliflower cooked in a whole oven with or without foil, you must absolutely remedy it. On the web this recipe is very easy and very quick to make because you just have to wash a cauliflower well, dry it carefully and then brush it with a sauce based on oil, curry and salt or with a slightly tastier mixture based on yogurt, oil and curry. Bake for about 30 minutes at 200°: it becomes soft without losing consistency and is really a delicious cotorno.

Other side dishes with curry

Do you want to bring a slightly different side dish to the table and amaze your guests?
Just add a pinch of curry to the classic sautéed or pan-cooked sautéed vegetables.

Here our proposals in the gallery

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