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10 recipes for not throwing cheese – Italian Cuisine

Croquettes, croissants, soufflés, pies: the cheese can be recycled in many ways. Here are many ideas for all tastes, from Gruevera to Fontina, from goat to taleggio

You either love cheese or you hate it. In the first case it means that it never fails in the shopping cart and that there is always plenty of it in the fridge. And of all types: soft, hard, fresh, aged. A nice piece of cheese it's always the ideal way to end a dinner and do not miss anything. But if this time we have exaggerated in the quantities purchased and we risk not to consume it before it becomes bad? The first idea that can come to mind not to throw it away is to make, for example, a 4-cheese paste or a rice pudding with cheese or a fondue.

Ideas with cheese

And if instead we helped with the imagination and we told you that with the advanced cheese you could cook too pizzas, focaccia, sandwich, Croissant, croquettes, crostoni, pies, dumplings, messes and more soufflé? here it is 10 recipes taken from our archive: there are all kinds of cheese, gruyere, emmentaler, fontina, asiago, caprine, provola, stracchino, taleggio … and so on and so forth!

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