10 light recipes for this evening – Italian Cuisine

Have you gone too far for lunch and are you planning to skip dinner? Wrong move: here are our light and simple recipes that will feed you without weighing you down

Lunch was good, crowded and over the top. And you repented a little. Was it necessary to eat so much? How long will it take before your stomach growls again? We cannot know it and it is impossible to go back. To remedy this, all that remains is to balance the calorie intake of the day with a light dinner that allows us to don't go to sleep on an empty stomach, but at the same time don't make us feel even more burdened (and nauseated). Here then is our mini selection of light recipes (so you have to work too hard to choose the perfect one) and 5 tips that will be useful for the next binge.

The menu, a mathematical question

At the base of an exaggerated meal, we often find a poorly studied menu. The willingness of everyone to prepare something, the overlaps and the fear of not having cooked enough food often lead us to serve an excessive amount of courses on big occasions. 4 antiapsti, 3 first courses, two seconds and a table full of desserts are a proposal that would bring even the most trained eaters to their knees. If we then put the fact that eating in copagni often makes us lose control over what we swallow. The best move to avoid pushing ourselves so far is to plan the courses with balance and measure. They may be a little more than usual, but it's best not to overdo it and try to think of a menu as moderate as possible. In the presence of many appetizers for example, let us be content with proposing just one main course.

Let's have time

One of the best ways to understand when to stop eating is to eat slowly. On festive occasions, let's take the opportunity to chat with other diners and give our stomach all the time to understand where we are with a sense of satiety. Better to get up with a little more hunger than to feel exploded!

Eye to the quantities

If you want to taste everything a little, make sure that the various tastes add up to make an ordinary meal. To be sure, ask for half a portion of each dish, you will always be in time to ask for an encore!

No to extras

If you are part of that category that madly loves bread, breadsticks, taralli and muffins, be careful. You could in fact take up all the space of your stomach with these foods that will also tend to give a sense of swelling during digestion. Better to dose them at the beginning of the meal, taking a small amount that you will have next to your plate. In this way you will not risk losing control over the numbers of pieces of bread ingested.

In the glass

Consuming large quantities of food puts our stomachs to the test and to make matters worse, carbonated drinks, wine and beer can intervene. So dose them to avoid being overwhelmed by nausea and treat yourself to a few glasses just to toast!

But since today it is late to prevent … we take care! In the gallery below our light recipes to balance a challenging lunch (and rediscover the taste of light dishes).

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